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PhD student contributes to project renaming hominins

Joshua Lindal, an anthropology PhD student at the University of Manitoba, is part of a research team that has proposed a new species name for a human ancestor that lived half a million years ago. Unsatisfied with the monikers of Homo heidelbergensis and Homo rhodesiensis, Lindal’s research group has argued for their retirement.
Research & Technology

U of M researcher proposes radical trust in basic income

Evelyn Forget, professor in the University of Manitoba department of community health sciences, and Hannah Owczar, writer and communications specialist in the department of community health sciences, have co-published Radical Trust: Basic Income for Complicated Lives.
Research & Technology

Students emphasize research amid faculty strike

Since the UMFA strike began on Nov. 2, students have stepped up to provide support for their peers and organize demonstrations in support of UMFA.
Research & Technology

U of M researchers release report on cover crop usage

Researchers at the University of Manitoba have released a report on the use of cover crops in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Callum Morrison, a graduate student, and Yvonne Lawley, assistant professor in the department of plant science, surveyed 281 Prairie farms that grow cover crops to determine the benefits and challenges farms face.

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