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Newly arrived international students need more support

Besides being homesick, international students also suffer from a grotesque lack of support. Getting lost around campus, poor signage at facilities and the complete lack of guidance all contribute to the struggles of new arrivals. As a newly arrived student myself, fresh off the plane from Colombia, I know all about it.

A politicized union is an engaged union

It has become apparent that not even our elected board is trusted with proposing changes to governing documents. As UMSU president Brendan Scott made clear both during debate at a meeting Jan. 6 and in a subsequent interview, it is expected of representatives to simply provide yes-or-no answers to questions presented by bureaucrats.

Stop development projects at the Forks

If the City of Winnipeg and the provincial government truly have any concern for reconciliation, development programs at the Forks must come to a halt and the revenues dedicated to them should be redistributed to help combat the genocide of Indigenous people in Canada. Although shrouded in self-congratulatory arrogance, there is nothing to be proud about when it comes to the developments and archeology taking place at the Forks.
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Beverly Glenn-Copeland — ‘Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined,’ 4/5 stars

Since being dug up from the crates, KEYBOARD FANTASIES has been endlessly namechecked and lauded by contemporary tastemakers. This late-in-the-game rediscovery of Copeland’s spectral, spiritual music has now produced a full album of covers and remixes, KEYBOARD FANTASIES REIMAGINED.
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Ruby Singh — ‘Vox.Infold,’ 4/5 stars

Ruby Singh’s new album, VOX.INFOLD, is a truly immersive, exciting experience. With lofty ideas, wildly experimental composition, intricate mixing and unexpected digital processing, Singh has crafted something fresh and vital.
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The courage it takes to change worlds

Music has been always been a part of Raine Hamilton’s life. They began violin at a young age and were inspired by an early appearance by Yo-Yo Ma on SESAME STREET to make music their lifelong pursuit.
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Mother of all ‘Tongues’

Art is, of itself, an intersection. Lyrics of poetry come from songs past, evoking powerful imaginings of stories told. One of the current artists who understands this deep connection intersecting art, life, myth and tradition is award-winning Inuk artist Tanya Tagaq. An emotional powerhouse of womanhood, motherhood, community, reclamation and embracing your roots, TONGUES may be Tagaq’s best album to date.

Bisons drop back-to-back against Wesmen

The women’s Bisons basketball team took the court this past weekend as they faced off in back-to-back games against the University of Winnipeg Wesmen. The series started with a game on Friday that resulted in the Wesmen closing the Bisons lead in the Duckworth Challenge. The score currently sits at 2-1 for the U of M.

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