A Strong UMSU for You

“We must work to relieve acute distress as a result of financial, legal, health (emotional or physical), familial, living, immigration, social, or academic situations.”

Re: A tale of two parties

Lucas Johnston argues that the Liberal party is the one facing problems as the Conservatives formalize their acceptance of same-sex couples.

RE: Strengthening student media

Kudos to Craig Adolphe for so frankly and compellingly making the case for the value of a sustainable and independent student media outlet (Strengthening student…

Re: Military recruiters should be welcomed, not scorned on campus

Ethan Cabel’s Dec. 2 article in the Manitoban about events surrounding military recruitment on the U of W campus is wildly inaccurate and serves only to fan the flames of anger and hysteria with misinformation. His article has invaded the U of W; it’s time for our defence.

To make things immediately clear, people are saying the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) did a lot of things they didn’t. No, no one is banning the military. No, no one hates your cousin who’s in the army. Let’s talk about what really happened.