Protests disrupt Liberal campaign

Multiple Liberal Party of Canada campaign events have been disrupted by “loosely organized” online anti-vaccine protests.

As early as Wednesday, Aug. 25, anti-vaccine protestors in Surrey, B.C. shouted at Liberal leader Justin Trudeau that they would not get the vaccine.

Friday, Aug. 27 saw Trudeau face off with two crowds of angry protesters.

During an afternoon campaign stop at a local bakery in Nobleton, Ont., protesters shouted obscenities and banged on windows while Trudeau was inside.

Later that evening in Bolton, Ont., Trudeau was expected to speak to a crowd of supporters.   Before Trudeau could make his speech, obscenity-chanting protesters had already started to outnumber liberal supporters. The event was cancelled due to safety concerns after a two-hour delay.

Another round of protests caused an hour-long delay that Sunday in Cambridge, Ont. Protesters employing car horns and threatening language disrupted Trudeau’s speech promoting the party’s climate change platform.

Another campaign protest occurred in Sudbury, Ont. on Aug. 31, and another in Newmarket, Ont. on Sept. 5. The protests are not expressly acting on behalf of a political party, although Conservative party campaign workers for Kyle Seeback were identified among the crowd at the Bolton protest in their blue campaign shirts.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole condemned the protesters the following day. “I strongly condemn any form of harassment and protest the like we’ve seen,” O’Toole said.

“From myself right through to any volunteer I expect professionalism, I expect respect.”