Noé Lira — ‘Latiendo la tierra,’ 5/5
’Toban Turntable

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Noé Lira’s debut EP Latiendo la tierra is an interdisciplinary symphony. The colourful record successfully holds trilingual lyrics, multiple genres, nature sounds, choral voices and a surprising array of rich and complex instrumentals. It embodies Lira’s interest in mixing languages and cultures and fusing different forms together, making for a listening experience that is both invigorating and emotional.

Lira’s ability to carry such multiplicity is unsurprising given her talents as a singer, songwriter, dancer and actor who works internationally. A first-generation Quebecomexican, she first began experimenting with music in 2018 at several creative musical laboratories in Europe and South America.

She performed in a touring production of a highly successful musical comedy, TIC-TAC, in Spain. The content of TIC-TAC reads much like the thesis of Lira’s body of work: it explores the need for fiction in our life and how art can change and transform lives. Following the tour, in 2019, she introduced her sound to the world with a series of pared-down performances — just her, an accordion and two musicians. Finally, she returned to Quebec and set to developing what would become Latiendo la tierra with a team of women, a conscious choice on her part.

The product is an invigorating and hopeful sum of astonishing parts, with Lira’s vocals being the focal point of the soothing arrangements. The manifesto that appears in the lyrics of “Ríndete” wholly articulates her intention and achievement:

“May we nurture care, love, unity/Embrace the dance, life force, energy/Surrender to the winds and bow before the waves/Be thankful for every breath that you take/Calling all hearts to seek for the light/And may in compassion be rooted the change.”

Latiendo la tierra feels like an invitation. The music invites its listener sonically and lyrically to breathe, to move and to reconnect to something greater — a powerful, feminine energy.


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