School’s out

Alas, classes and exams are over. One can finally be free and bask in the joys of summer. As such, our normally bustling campus has been nearly abandoned — where have all the students gone? Here’s a peek at what some faculty members may be up to since classes ended.

Agriculture students
For many of these students, especially those from certain farming backgrounds, summer unfortunately means more work. For some it’s attempting to deal with calving season all while battling flooded and wet land. For others, it’s the joy of waking before the sun and working until dusk. Because contrary to popular belief, Mother Nature does not accommodate seeding or cultivating.

The legendary challenge: 600 acres left to seed, two seeders and 24 hours before it’s supposed to rain. This takes cramming to a whole new level.

Arts students
Arts students will have the entire summer to utilize all that rich information they’ve learnt and really get in touch with themselves, the world, nature and small woodland creatures.

“Tolstoy he really gets the world. He really speaks to me. He’s a genius.”

Business students
Many business students get the joy of spending their summers networking, resume building and getting themselves out there while trying to catch a glimpse of the corporate ladder. Of course, they’ll also be busy painting.

Medical students
Friends and family of med students get the joy of spending the entire summer being evaluated and diagnosed with obscure conditions your family doctor must have missed.

“Now mother, I know you say it’s just a bruise, but if you ask me it definitely seems like something far more dangerous. What are your symptoms? Ever been checked for acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy?”

Science students
Science students will probably be super busy in the summer either trying to finally solve those tough problems that have plagued them all year or taking courses so that they can figure out how to solve those tough problems that plagued them all year. Of course, the geniuses that somehow managed to ace everything will be building nuclear reactors in their basement while reciting pi to increasingly alarming decimal places.

“3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749 . . . ”

*University 1 students *
Similarly to med students, U1 students get to share their wealth of knowledge and new vocabulary gained from their first year of studying a little bit of everything the university has to offer while they figured out exactly which faculty to call home.
“Were you aware that the tongue is used for both word enunciation and forming chewed food into bolus? I don’t want to seem ethnocentric, but clearly that is a fascist regime in need of revolution.”

But what’s really on their mind is: “Alright survived U1, now what?! Still no ideas about what to do next year. Is there such a thing as U2?”

Grade 12 Students
Freshly 18, most recent high school grads will aspire to spend the summer making the best memories they’ll never remember. Three months until university starts, might as well get the most partying and living done before the next four years of studying happens.

“Jager, Jager, Jagerboomb! Woooohoooo!”