Let the games begin

Greetings students! I trust that your summer went well? Now that you’re presumably back in the swing of things, ready to go back to classes and hit those books, why not enjoy a refresher of your very own campus sports scene. University can be such a crowded, chaotic, confusing place, so why not take heed some advice in the form of a student’s guide to early fall sports on campus.

Home events!
On the average, most Bison home events will typically run you a good five bucks to attend. But if you find that low, low price too steep, or if you’re just one to take full advantage of a good deal, Bison Sports is also offering season passes that cost students and youths a mere $25. Adults interested in season passes can either opt for the individual pass, which costs $50 per person, or the family pass, a $99 package that allows year-long admission for two adults and two youths. Remember, a season pass will grant you access to any and every regular season Bison game of the 2010-11 season. You can’t make this stuff up!

Mark your calendars folks, the next two months are going to be busy:
Sept. 11: Bison soccer season opener vs. Victoria (10 a.m., Winnipeg Soccer Complex)
Sept. 11: Bison football vs. Alberta (2 p.m., University Stadium)
Sept. 12: Bison soccer vs. Fraser Valley (12 p.m., Winnipeg Soccer Complex)
Sept. 25: Bison football vs. Calgary (1 p.m., University Stadium)
Sept. 29: Bison men’s basketball alumni game (7:30 p.m., Investors Group Athletic Centre)
Sept. 29: Bison men’s hockey vs. Manitoba Moose Prospects (7 p.m., True North Hockey Canada Mooseplex)
Oct. 2: Bison soccer vs. Saskatchewan (12 p.m., Winnipeg Soccer Complex)
Oct. 3: Bison soccer vs. Alberta (12 p.m., Winnipeg Soccer Complex)
Oct. 8: Bison women’s hockey season opener vs. Alberta (4 p.m., Max Bell Arena)
Oct. 8: Bison men’s hockey season opener vs. Regina (8 p.m., Max Bell Arena)
Oct. 9: Bison women’s hockey vs. Alberta (3 p.m., Max Bell Arena)
Oct. 9: Bison men’s hockey vs. Regina (7 p.m., Max Bell Arena)
Oct. 15-17: Bison women’s basketball — Manitoba breast cancer non-conference tournament (12 p.m., Investors Group Athletic Centre)
Oct. 16: Bison soccer vs. Lethbridge (10 a.m., Winnipeg Soccer Complex)
Oct. 17: Bison soccer vs. Calgary (12 p.m., Winnipeg Soccer Complex)
Oct. 16: Bison football vs. Regina (2 p.m., University Stadium)
Oct. 22: Bison women’s basketball vs. Winnipeg (6 p.m., Investors Group Athletic Centre)
Oct. 22: Bison men’s basketball vs. Winnipeg (8 p.m., Investors Group Athletic Centre)
Oct. 29-30: Bison women’s hockey vs. Lethbridge (7 p.m., Max Bell Arena)
Oct. 30: Bison football vs. UBC (1 p.m., University Stadium)
Oct. 30: Bison soccer vs. Regina (10 a.m., Winnipeg Soccer Complex)
Oct. 31: Bison soccer vs. Regina (12 p.m., Winnipeg Soccer Complex)

Away games!
Listen, I already know what you’re going to say: I want to follow the away Bison games but I just don’t know how to. Save it! There are several options available for following our intrepid Brown and Gold while they’re on the road.

On Aug. 27, it was officially announced that UMFM would once again provide exclusive radio broadcasts of all home and away Bison football games this year. In addition to the football coverage, UMFM will also be airing live broadcasts of both the men’s and women’s hockey starting in late November.

Not yet satisfied? Keeping with last year’s coverage, Bison Sports is also poised to provide online streaming video coverage of select Bison volleyball, basketball and hockey games for the 2010-11 season. Links for the streaming content can be found when available on www.gobisons.ca

As reported by the Manitoban earlier this year, Canada West Universities Athletic Association and Shaw Communications have also signed a new two-year deal that will see a variety of Canada West football games broadcast live on Shaw channels across Western Canada. Thus far, the broadcast schedule includes two U of M “Game of the Week” showings as well as the 74th annual Hardy Cup game on Nov. 13.

Keeping active!
Listen to me prattle on. You don’t just follow sports, do you? You like to keep active and keep fit like the rest of us (should). Well thank your lucky stars, Bison Recreation Services has you covered.

A membership with Bison Rec includes access to the Frank Kennedy swimming pool and diving area, three separate gymnasiums, three indoor tennis courts, an expansive cardio and free weight/weight machine training area, locker room and shower facilities, allows free participation in group fitness classes and much, much more. Too much to list!

Fitness classes currently available through Bison Rec include Shallow Water Aquafit, Kickaerobics, Hard Core Stretch, Cardio Dance, and Fitball Workout. For those who would like to dip their toe in the water before jumping in, Bison Rec will be hosting their first ever First Week Free promotion from Sept. 13-17. First Week Free programs include Tai Chi, belly dance, various disciplines of yoga, hip hop, and basic mat Pilates.