Fourth vaccine dose available to elderly Manitobans

Fourth doses of COVID-19 vaccines are now available for anyone aged 70 or older and Indigenous people older than 50 in Manitoba.

Research & Technology

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High-risk, high-reward funding for amniotic fluid study

Chris Pascoe, an assistant professor in the Max Rady college of medicine, has been awarded funding from the New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) to support his research into investigating the causal link between smoking mothers and poor infant lung health.

NCTR partners with SSHRC

The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) has partnered with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to further Indigenous-led research. 

Measuring health equity in First Nations children

The week of March 21 to March 25 was Health Equity Week in Manitoba. The purpose of the week was to acknowledge and work to improve the equitability of health-care services among diverse communities in Manitoba. The week’s events were supported by Shared Health, CancerCare Manitoba, the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation, Healthcare Excellence Canada, Indigenous Health and all five Manitoban regional health authorities. 

U of M hosts Turtle Island Indigenous Science Conference

Cultural traditions and language shape the ways people learn and view the world. For too long, Indigenous perspectives and traditional knowledge have been excluded from scientific discussions. Professors at the University of Manitoba have organized the upcoming Turtle Island Indigenous Science Conference to explore the legacy of Indigenous contributions to science.

Editorial & Comment

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Stefanson undermining public health at every turn

Early in the pandemic, Manitoba’s COVID-19 response was exemplary. It took five months from the initial outbreak for the provincial death toll to even hit double digits and another eight months to hit 100. Those numbers seem almost unbelievable in today’s context, where the premier seems to be actively trying to infect as many people as possible.

No Airbnb is better than an unregulated Airbnb

Airbnb is often hailed as one of the first technology platforms to revolutionize the hospitality sector, by giving homeowners the ability to share their property when they are away. For cities, home-sharing platforms like Airbnb, in their ideal form, are a win-win scenario: families that leave their properties in the winter or for vacations are replaced with tourists to support local businesses and maintain regular density levels. But the popular home-sharing app is producing shortages in the housing market and inflating the long-term rental market for locals.

Solve sexual violence in military by defunding it

Talking about a “culture shift” within the military reflects a similar logic to giving officers body cameras to prevent police violence — it may look like a solution, but the underlying issues remain unresolved. If Canada wants to solve its military’s sexual violence issue, it must defund the CAF.

UMSU executive team must face challenges

Though UMSU is far from being a perfect institution, it has the potential to give U of M students a sense of belonging and community. Just like any union, each and every member has duties to fulfil. Our responsibility, as constituents, is to keep a vigilant eye on our elected officials and constantly hold them accountable.


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Answering the call with artwork

After closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Student Gallery in Taché Hall at the University of Manitoba has recently reopened — a step that has restored a sense of normalcy and excitement to school of art students, who are looking forward to exhibiting their work alongside their peers.

Pierre Kwenders, ‘José Louis and the Paradox of Love’ — 4/5 stars

Pierre Kwenders, born José Louis Modabi, has spent nearly all of the past decade breaking down borders in music. The result is a heady mix of genres and languages, incorporating rumba, electronic, hip hop and R&B.

’Toban tracks

This is the last issue of the Manitoban in the 2021-22 school year, which means winter term at the University of Manitoba is mercifully coming to a close. Of course, thanks to the strike delays we still have a few weeks until exams are over, but still, the end is near — the weather is warming, clubs are open, parties are legal again and summer is on the horizon. All signs point to partying, so here are some Canadian bangers to get you in the mood.

Runnin’ down her dream

In her debut collection of poetry, Indigenous-American author and former University of Manitoba student Michelle Lietz creatively intertwines these two artistic worlds. Occasionally Petty — debuting April 21 and published by the independent, Winnipeg-based At Bay Press — is a selection of poems set to the songs of late singer-songwriter Tom Petty.

Kyla Charter, ‘Edible Flowers’ — 3.5/5 stars

Toronto-based singer Kyla Charter has had an illustrious career as a background singer in the CanCon music machine. Her CV reads like a CBC Radio One playlist, performing with artists like July Talk, Patrick Watson, Rich Aucoin and Alessia Cara. Now Charter is stepping out on her own with her debut album Edible Flowers.

North Graffiti, ‘Modern Relics’ — 4.5/5 stars

Self-described as adding “modern flare to a vintage aesthetic,” North Graffiti’s album Modern Relics successfully reflects its musical tagline. Just like the album’s cover, the “punk & roll” local group pulls together the fragments of vintage punk and rock past with present instrumentals.


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Bisons basketball signs Simon Hildebrandt

Hildebrandt is a six-foot-nine forward who was born in Winnipeg. He has decided to bring his talents to the U of M and play in front of friends and family. 

Memorable moments in Bison Sports

Bison Sports came back better than ever in 2021. Many notable storylines made for a truly memorable year for the brown and gold.

Bentley named to U Sports all-rookie team

The Winnipeg product put up 685 assists, 22 kills and 50 points in total this season — incredible numbers for anyone, let alone a rookie. 

Bisons track and field wins 7 medals at nationals

The Bisons put on an impressive performance in the U Sports national championships in Saint John, N.B. THIS PAST WEEKEND, BRINGING HOME SEVEN MEDALS OVER THREE DAYS OF THE COMPETITION.

Bisons impress in swimming championship

The U Sports national swimming championship took place this past weekend in Quebec City, Que. TO THE SURPRISE OF NOBODY, FIFTH-YEAR BISON ATHLETE KELSEY WOG PUT ON A FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE. 

U of M hosts volleyball national championships

For the first time since 1976, the University of Manitoba played host to the U Sports men’s volleyball national championship. 

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