Following the Wild Path

Winnipeg-based yoga teacher Ash Bourgeois has found a way to provide Winnipeggers with a holistic fitness experience that connects them back to their deepest selves…

The lack of meaning in Christmas

What do yoga and Christmas have in common? Both are ancient, both are deeply spiritual, and both have been swallowed by the gaping wound that exists in place of our collective soul. Our consumer culture has rendered the most beautiful fruits of human endeavour, living spiritual traditions, into experiences engaged in for personal pleasure.

Things that were the epitome of the sacred – the mastery of the body by the soul, the celebration of the mercy of the divine – are profaned, and not innocently so. To innocently profane yoga would be to do it unmindfully. To innocently profane Christmas would be to ignore it. But instead, both these have been defiled by consumerism: emptied of their original meanings, they have been re-filled with the most disgusting aspect of our culture.

Decolonizing Yoga

What do you think of when you think of yoga? You probably think of ohm-ing, overpriced Lululemon pants, bending into pretzel-y shapes named after animals, or maybe…

Downward facing dumbass

I’m standing on my left leg, with my right leg in the air and my sweaty right hand clasping my right foot. My left arm…