The art of diversity

The city’s vibrant and growing arts and entertainment will only get better as Winnipeggers become more inclusive and welcoming of all cultures.

Racing on thin ice

Motorsport; fast paced, adrenaline packed, competitive, and ultimately weather reliant. The Winnipeg Sports Car Club (WSCC) knows all of this and more. The WSCC was…

Urban beekeeping: legal at last

Local food production in the form of urban agriculture is one of those things that is very hard to formulate a coherent argument against. Producing your own food benefits you in money saved and costs avoided, and benefits the city as a whole in energy saved on transportation costs and increased local food security. It’s also just plain healthier, for the body and the soul, to grow what you consume.

Beekeeping is actually even more beneficial than plain old food production. Not only does it provide honey for the people keeping the bees (and usually enough extra for them to share or sell), but the bees provide an important ecological service – the pollination of flowers – for the entire neighbourhood. The entire city is made a little bit more robust and sustainable as a living system, at no cost whatsoever to anyone other than the beekeepers.

Brian Bowman: leader by default

Brian Bowman is 14 months into a job that he put himself forward as best candidate for. He was elected based not on demonstrated service to our city, but based on the kind of service he promised for the future. Simply put, Bowman was elected because he convinced the majority of voters that he was a leader.

The city does not need a mayor to continue functioning – it has a bloated bureaucracy and self-satisfied council for that. The streets will be cleared, the potholes filled, without any notable input from the mayors’ office. The mayor must be expected to do more than sign the paperwork by which the snow-clearers and pothole-fillers are paid. The mayor should be expected to provide leadership.

Orange you glad

University of Manitoba architecture students Brooks Keen, Braden Funk, and Kevin Neufeld are leaving their mark all over Winnipeg during the final year of their…

Of basements and barrooms

The 90s birthed many of the University of Manitoba’s current students as well as huge noise and punk rock bands like Nirvana, Hole, Propagandhi, and…

Raging on Roslyn

There is predictable opposition to the erection of a new seven-storey, 78-unit condo tower on Roslyn Rd. As usual with almost any development proposal, the opposition comes mostly from local residents offended at the idea of any change, with a smattering of know-it-alls who assume that their personal opinions constitute sound urban planning polic

From subway car to skyscraper

Since its humble beginnings as graffiti plastered illegally on subway cars, public art has flourished from a nuisance into a means of community revitalization, and right…