Graphic by Keegan Steele

Attendance policies harmful

It's none of your business whether I go to class

In my first year at the University of Manitoba, I encountered something I had never imagined before. On arriving at my first English class and receiving a syllabus, I discovered that there was an attendance component to the course’s evaluation, to be enforced by calling the roll on three random days throughout the term. In […]

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re: Manitoban covers

The front page used to grab my attention with its eye-catching, colourful, and original design. It now lacks these qualities, and seems to remain constant as the weeks go by. The new three-row layout does no justice to the images it portrays, and the weeks just blend together. It’s difficult to identify the actual images […]

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Digvir Jayas. Photo: University of Manitoba.

U of M gains seat in NSERC

University of Manitoba’s vice president (research and international) appointed position at NSERC

Digvir Jayas, the University of Manitoba’s vice president (research and international) has recently been appointed to the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). “I was thrilled to receive a call about my appointment to NSERC, and was thrilled a second time when I received a letter confirming the appointment,” said Jayas in […]

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Student loans: the less you have, the more you have to pay

Why interest rates on student loans should be scrapped

Bilan Arte Canada currently uses provincial and federal student loans as a way to increase the accessibility of our post-secondary education system. The idea is simple: lump sums of money are provided to students from low-income families to help pay for their school and living expenses for the duration of their post-secondary education program. In […]

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Brandon University a key player in immigration study

Brandon University (BU) recently announced its role in a $2.5 million dollar immigration research study. The study collaborates with other universities and institutions over a span of seven years to assess what brings immigrants to Canada and what kind of an impact they provide, with an emphasis on mid-size cities and small towns. The intention […]

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University’s hypocrisy

I always thought that the mission or goal of any post-secondary educational institution was to teach individuals meaningful skills and knowledge so that they would be able to successfully contribute to the welfare of our society. Or at the very least, teach individuals enough knowledge and skills so that they might get a job that […]

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