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Thank you, and good luck

This may well be the last article I ever write for the Manitoban. And while I didn’t say everything I wanted to say, I hope…

Navigating University Centre

Navigating University Centre can be difficult for students, especially during the first few weeks in September. For anyone who has ever tried to find a…

Owner’s manual

As promised, with every new purchase of the Manitoban, we include this handy-dandy “User Guide” to help you along on the road forward. Once you’ve mastered the tricky business of the opening and the reading — which I see you’ve already managed to take a crack at — there’s really not much to it!

The softer, fuzzier side of campus media

Here we are, right on the edge of the last winter and you can already sense there’s a new one creeping up ahead. It felt like summer was late to start this year anyway. Come to think of it, I can remember feeling like winter started early last year as well.