Google’s mystery barges

For two weeks now, a story has been developing that seems more like the ominous beginning of a science fiction novel than genuine news. On…

Open access “tipping point”

A recent study funded by the European Commission and undertaken by analysts at Science-Metrix, a Montreal-based company that assesses science and technology organizations, has concluded…

A laggard’s reasoning

The iPhone: god’s gift to man. Or so that’s what marketing schemes have almost led me to believe. Once that new product is out in stores, we are expected to stand in line, like so many do, to obtain it. Anyone using a previous version will be outcast until they acquire the newest creation.

Tech briefs

Godzilla vs. Goliath One of the biggest ongoing stories in tech-related news this summer has been the Samsung versus Apple United States patent court case,…

Science briefs

Moss at the centre of ice-age?; $4-million donation to the University of Manitoba’s engineering faculty; No one suspects…the butterfly

New digs

University formally opens restored science building


Patents, while at first glance seem to be rather dry and unremarkable, are invariably affecting everything that you do, especially when it comes to technology…