Redmen no more?

Clearly, despite innocent intentions, the name Redmen was perverted almost instantly and has become something worth changing.

Tanya Talaga looks for hard truths

Investigative journalist Tanya Talaga  – revered for her coverage of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls and the Rana Plaza  disaster in Bangladesh –…

Aboriginal History Month: essential, unknown

February is Black History Month. During February we reflect on the historical treatment of black people, who were taken from their homeland and carted across the Atlantic and, for those who survived the voyage, sold into slavery. That was just the beginning of the ill treatment of black people in North America, which continued well past the abolition of slavery and is still very much present today.

During Black History Month, we are encouraged to read books and watch movies that teach about the struggles that black people faced, and to reflect on and celebrate the accomplishments they have fought hard to achieve, such as the right to vote, access to education, and the desegregation of public spaces