Darkness in the City of Light

Paris has loomed large in my mind the past few months. In Paris, on Nov. 30, the COP21 climate talks will convene. These talks must succeed. If they do not then we do not have a snowball’s hope in hell of avoiding the worst, most catastrophic effects of climate change.

The question of quotas

For over a year, the faculty of engineering has faced allegations of discrimination towards international students. These allegations stem from engineering’s goal to admit between…

Protest! The conscience demands it

In heeding our conscience – and what, other than that, is the purpose of having consciousness – we will find a path clear before us. This is the path of protest, of differentiation form the norm. Not of calling out, but of turning away. True protest, the kind that seeks change, must be more affirmation than negation. It is focused on the actions we can ourselves take, not the actions not taken by others.

International students hit the streets

University of Manitoba international students are planning a massive demonstration outside the Fort Garry administration building July 30 to protest what they view as unfair…