Campus food bank demand surging

Visits have taken a sharp upturn in recent years — 2017 saw just over 500 visits to the U of M food bank, and just over 700 in 2018. Between January and October of this year, visits to the food bank have already surpassed the entirety of 2018’s numbers.

Spare Some Change

Siloam Mission is organizing a creative initiative to tackle poverty and homelessness in the city. The organization has teamed up with the Winnipeg Film Group…

The poor will be the first to bear the brunt of climate change

Climate change is this generation’s most pressing social concern that will, at some point or another, affect everyone if we continue down our current path. Although climate change does not discriminate its victims, it is the most impoverished individuals of society that will be the first to suffer the consequences and bear the brunt of the effects of climate change.

According to a recent report by the World Bank, the effects of climate change will force 100 million people into extreme poverty by the year 2030.

The systemic issues behind Drumpf’s following

By now Donald Trump has made himself well-known for his rampantly racist and controversial political platform and the questionable comments he has made on his path towards seeking a presidential nomination. Notable examples include his plan to build a wall along the Mexico-United States border to keep Mexicans from entering the U.S. illegally, his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., and his plan to end gun-free zones at schools, amongst others.

Although the idea of these policies actually being implanted likely seems laughable to the majority of Canadians, within the U.S. there is sizable minority of voters who openly and strongly support them and who would like to see Trump become the next US president.

Being alone

This was originally going to be a very negative article about the students camping outside of University Centre for 5 Days for the Homeless. I…

The fallacy of the American dream

Recently a Chinese billionaire made a provocative and, at its core, American statement. In an article translated by the Cambridge Entrepreneur Academy, Jack Ma, executive…

Kevin O’Really?

Michael Lee “…Really?” I’m sure many of you shared with Amanda Lang that same exasperated reaction upon hearing Kevin O’Leary’s perplexing comments on the Lang…

It takes a village

Chris Hearn, volunteer staff According to a statement made in mid-December by Canada’s Industry Minister James Moore, it is not the federal government’s job to…