People are a product of their physical environment

Winnipeg is a city. This truth is self-evident, but was apparently not on our mayor’s mind when he declared “I have no interest in offering a platform for the types of violent and harmful views” held by members of a misogynistic group that was planning a meetup this past Saturday. Bowman was joined by the mayors of Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver in denouncing the group – fans of the anti-feminist blog Return of Kings – and declaring them unwelcome in their respective cities.


Pretty much since the beginning of my life, I didn’t identify with my assigned gender. The colour pink, dresses, dolls… none of it was really…

Antichrist Anti-genuine

It would be unfair to discuss Lars von Trier’s latest film, Antichrist, without first considering the audiences’ reaction. Even now, as it begins hitting wide-release…