Photo provided by Mike Still

Shootout in Saskatchewan

Bison football falls in season opener

Turnovers were the Achilles heel for the Bisons on Friday night. Manitoba surrendered four in the second half, as they dropped the opening game of the 2014 Canada West football season to the 10th-ranked Saskatchewan Huskies, 44-24. Game summary The Bisons looked strong out the gate offensively, securing a field goal from Ryan Jones on […]

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Monkey off, buffalo on

Chelsea Carey’s rink finally representing Manitoba at Scotties

After years of competing under the shadow of Jennifer Jones, and losing two previous women’s provincial curling finals, Chelsea Carey’s team finally got to wear the buffalo on their backs. Playing out of the Fort Rouge Curling Club, Carey’s team is rounded out with third Kristy McDonald, second Kristen Foster, and lead Lindsay Titheridge. Carey’s […]

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Graphic: Bram Keast

Growing health gap a concern for poor Manitobans

Brian Sinclair inquest reveals outstanding issues of negligence

Seamus Hamilton-Pattison, volunteer staff Given the rate modern medicine progresses, it should come as no surprise that overall, health in our province has been improving. Since approximately 1985, for example, the number of tuberculosis hospitalizations per 100,000 people in Manitoba has been cut nearly in half. That being said, while health care has drastically improved […]

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Photo: Angela England

Polar bears don’t belong in captivity

Combating climate change the real answer to wildlife conservation

Chris Hearn, volunteer staff Why do we humans love to play the role of God or Mother Nature? What gives us the right to decide the fate and future of every other living thing on this planet? Nature can take care of itself best. It always has and always will. Attempts by humans to change […]

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Riel dead

Or is he still hanging around

Twenty policemen stood guard in the chilly morning under a clear sky. Their ghostly breath was visible as they waited for the prisoner to ascend to the gallows. It was shortly after eight o’clock in the morning and a firm, hemp rope hung without stirring in the calm air. Although there was a small crowd […]

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Photo: Caleigh MacDonald

PST’d off

NDP tax hike irresponsible, circumvents law

Caleigh MacDonald Entrepreneur Robert Half once said, “People try to live within their income so they can afford to pay taxes to a government that can’t live within its income.” This is a sentiment personified no more obviously than in our own NDP provincial government, which recently raised the provincial sales tax rate of Manitoba […]

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Violence against women high in Manitoba

Statistics Canada released a report on Feb. 25 detailing rates of violence against women in Canada, which showed that Manitoba has more than double the national average rate of violence committed against women. The report was based on 2011 police reports and showed that Manitoba had a rate of 2,191 per 100,000 population, whereas the […]

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Photo: James Culleton

The case for electric vehicles: Electric vehicle technology – Part 2 of 3

Electric vehicles (EVs) have a number of advantages over internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. EVs are much more efficient than ICE vehicles. According to the U.S Department of Energy, only about 17 per cent to 21 per cent of the energy in gasoline actually moves the ICE vehicle forward. The rest is lost in friction […]

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devon kerslake_SPORTS_curling_colouronline

Scotties to take over Stonewall

The 2013 Manitoba Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the women’s provincial curling championship, will start Wednesday at the Veterans Memorial Sports Complex in Stonewall. The winner of the 16-team tournament will represent Manitoba at the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Kingston next month. Looking at the top four seeds it appears to be, to quote […]

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News James Culleton

Private college on U of M campus criticized by former students, faculty

A privately-run college located on the University of Manitoba campus, the International College of Manitoba (ICM), has recently drawn anger from former students and the University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) for its recruiting strategies abroad and business practices, which some see as questionable. ICM is a private college distinct from the U of M. […]

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