A pointless exercise

Hypothetically, were people of differing opinions to sit down over hummus and falafel and have some kind of miniature Oslo process, it would be an utterly pointless exercise.

Moving beyond the rhetoric

Critical conversation will only start when we all stop working towards the “vilification of one side and negating the wrongs of another,” and simply begin to try to understand each other.

Welcome home factually based arguments

The article written by Spencer Fernando, entitled “Welcome Home Gilad Shalit,” has revealed that deliberate antagonism continues to override mature discussion on this campus, in…

Welcome home Gilad Shalit

Five years ago the Hamas terrorist group snuck across the border into Israel. They captured then 19-year-old Gilad Shalit, a member of the Israeli military….

An exchange of ideas

It’s an investment of a different kind for a select group of undergraduate students at the U of M’s Asper School of Business. In a…

Israel and Canada

Throughout the Middle East and Arab world, people are rising up against dictatorship and tyranny. They are fighting for their human rights and their human…