Ask Her Talks

On Nov. 25, the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre hosted the second national stop for the Stephen Lewis Foundation-sponsored Ask Her Talks in conjunction with World AIDS…

Speak no evil

There was a time when you could call something evil and people knew what you meant. They understood that you were not speaking in hyperbole. They understood that evil is one of the central players in the human drama, a thing that will not perish from the earth. Nowadays, to call something evil is to invite scorn and a sniggering assumption of provincialism. To be labelled as “religious” or “spiritual,” words which have of late gained a patina of ironic contempt.

The slow-motion disaster that has been our culture’s embrace of post-modernism, in which no viewpoint enjoys special privilege or validity, has robbed us of the language needed to discuss even the concept of evil, which presumes certain immutable truths. What we do not discuss, we are prone to forget exists. Men who do not believe in evil cannot believe that they (or anyone) serve it. They are perhaps the most likely to do evil.

Blood politics

By highlighting MSM as an exposure category, current data collection and reporting methods support Canadian Blood Services’ screening practices. If UMSU wants screening practices to focus on specific high-risk behaviours, it needs data collection to also focus on specific high-risk behaviours.

A new development in HIV treatment

Researchers have developed an antibody-like molecule which may help in the fight against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The molecule, named eCD4-Ig, was designed to…

Three zeros

In light of a recent UNAIDS report indicating drops of up to 50 per cent in new HIV infections in some of the most severely…