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Parsing the Canadian history wars

Among the list of grievances critics of Prime Minister Stephen Harper inevitably trot out as further evidence of his profound, Machiavellian evil is the way…

Graphic by: Bram Keast

The Iceman cometh

On Sept. 19, 1991, Erika and Helmut Simon, vacationers from Nuremberg, Germany, discovered a man’s body protruding from the ice in the mountains of the…

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9/11: what do you remember?

There are certain events that create everlasting memories for an entire generation. Our grandparents will never forget Aug. 6, 1945. On this summer day an…

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A tribute to the bicycle

We grew up racing them in back lanes and down gravel roads. We groaned climbing hills on them and had more than a few wipeouts….

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Where’s Buddha?

The tall, white high-rise apartments disappeared in the heavy fog as my gondola slowly ascended into the mountains of Lantau Island, one of the more…

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The father of Turkey

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who was born in the Ottoman city in Salonika in 1881, was Turkey’s most beloved hero and the founder of the Republic…

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The October Crisis forty years after

Last year, a great injustice was done in Canada. At the muzzle of threats to violence issued by some Quebec sovereigntists, several events to mark…