Science briefs

Science briefs looking at the newest from Nintendo, why we find screams scary, and a self-inseminating flatworm.

The new jocks

The sports section of the Manitoban may begin to change in the near future. Alongside Bison briefs, you may begin to see profiles on local professional gamers, or the results from the latest League of Legends tournament.

Life After Pokémon

Ash Ketchum was the undisputed hero of my childhood. He had that red Pokéball hat that he would turn backwards every time he prepared to…

Sennheiser 360 review

Sennheiser’s PC 360 headset lives up to what one would expect from a high end gaming headset. It comes out of the box with no…

Unnecessary Review

Holy shit you guys, I have something pretty special to talk about. In recent years popular media has evolved from standard-def to hi-def, then hi-def…