fossil fuel divestment

Letter to the editor

I agree with columnist Shaden Abusaleh almost 100 per cent. My only criticism of this insightful article is the car culture reference to us being an…

Divestment not the answer: UBC prof

While students at more than 20 Canadian universities – including the University of Manitoba – are engaged in campaigns pressuring their campuses to divest from…

Re: UMSU moves forward with divestment campaign

I want to commend UMSU Council and vice-president external Astitwa Thapa for their trailblazing work towards divesting the University Investment Trust from the fossil fuel sector. I agree wholeheartedly with Thapa when he says “the University of Manitoba prides itself in being a leader in the 21st century – then be a leader by divesting from fossil fuels.”

UMSU moves forward with divestment campaign

Following the lead of universities, pension funds, and philanthropic foundations worldwide, the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) is building a movement to push the…

Fossil fuel divestment: the way to the future

Although the reasons outlined above make a strong moral case for divestment, fossil fuel divestment also makes economic sense. A recent news article in the Guardian confirmed that fossil fuel free funds outperformed conventional funds by 1.2 per cent yearly according to MSCI, a U.S.-based provider of equity, fixed income and hedge fund stock market indices. Even former Shell chairman Mark Moody-Stuart said “divestment is a rational approach […] If you think your money can be used somewhere else, you should switch it. Selective divestment or portfolio switching is actually what investors should be doing.”

There are choices to be made in the near future that will have a great impact. The choices themselves are clear: we either take action toward a better future, or we allow our universities to support that future’s destruction. The right choice is clearly the former – we must choose to divest.