Grub’s up

To live is to eat. In this feature the Manitoban explores the conventional food system and looks at some alternatives to it. Some experts have…

Futuristic edibles

It’s common knowledge that human beings, especially those living in the industrialized world, have seriously impacted the Earth’s environment. We know that the cars we…

Putting poutine in its place

You may have noticed that, for some time, there’s been a food truck parked on campus. A welcome relief from the unrelenting mediocrity of campus food services (though I’ve yet to actually see anyone buying poutine there), the Poutine King is inarguably an asset to life on campus.

The whole point of a food truck, however, is that you can park it anywhere; the specific spot the truck currently occupies is not only inappropriate, it is offensive. The truck should be moved – perhaps more importantly, whoever told it to park there should have known better in the first place.

Old concept, new deli

Calling all sandwich lovers: a new deli concept restaurant has opened on Sherbrook St., and it’s sure to satisfy any appetite. This isn’t your local…