Love is in the air

“This stuff is like catnip. Too many women come after me [ . . . ] I am looking for a woman my own age,…

Did you know?

Many creationists excel at one thing: calling specific facts into question in an attempt to get you asking questions about a whole theory. And while…

Common misconceptions about evolution

DISCLAIMER: This article was inspired by reading way too much Stephen Jay Gould, and its arguments are currently still being debated within the scientific community….

Vetting a scientist

Deciding whom to listen to on any issue can be a difficult task. Add personal bias into the mix, and it can become downright impossible….

Strange bedfellows

Human civilization is a towering monument to the power of our imagination. Our ability to visualize new things was an important adaptation that allowed our…

Anatomy of a theory

Ever wonder what a theory — such as Darwin’s descent with modification — needs to go through in order to gain widespread acceptance in the…

What’s in an introduction?

If Hollywood is to be believed, scientists are all dermatologically-challenged recluses, who speak their incomprehensible language in nasally tones, with the odd snorting laugh thrown…

Buying into the Bionic man

Arrays of technologies — from robotics to bioengineering — are beginning to converge, and this convergence is destined to have profound effects on our future….