Science briefs

Science briefs looking at the newest from Nintendo, why we find screams scary, and a self-inseminating flatworm.

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Music for the brain

No matter where we go, music is an integral part of daily life. Despite it surrounding us completely, there is still no agreement amongst scholars…

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Evolution’s hotspots

Biologists at the University of the Andes in Colombia claim to have discovered one of the fastest evolving ecosystems on the planet. This rapid diversification…

Bone business

Just in time for Halloween, a controversy has erupted in the scientific community over an early human skull that was found in a dig site…

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Science opinion: Creating trouble

Texas is currently preparing to select the biology textbooks that will be used in high school classrooms for the next decade. Recently it was discovered…

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Just the facts Ma’am

I was recently in the enviable position of sitting on a patio late at night, sipping beer while a bug zapper pleasantly crackled in the…

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Hobbits among men

This month marks the beginning of a five-year project in the Soa Basin of central Flores, Indonesia, to locate more specimens of the species Homo…