Photo by Zach Fleisher

International students protest faculty of engineering admission policies

Students protest policies they call discriminatory outside of University of Manitoba administration building

A group of University of Manitoba students and supporters protested on July 17 against what they called discriminatory admissions policies at the university’s faculty of engineering. Demonstrators were protesting the discrepancy between admissions cut-offs for international students and domestic students. Domestic students required a minimum 2.94 GPA to be considered for the faculty’s civil engineering […]

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Graphic by: Bradly Wohlgemuth

Bloody hypocrisy

Canadian blood donation policy discriminatory towards men who have sex with men

Bradly Wohlgemuth, staff “Blood. It’s in you to give.” Apparently it’s not inside everybody for giving – for example, someone like me, a bisexual male. According to the rules set by Health Canada, I will not be an eligible blood donor for another five years. And that is only if I abstain from having sex […]

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“Racism” misunderstood?

Osborne House CEO, government, and local Winnipeggers in disagreement

On Aug. 22, a controversial email from Eric Robinson, Manitoba’s Deputy Premier, came to light. The email was in response to a complaint by Nahanni Fontaine, Manitoba’s Special Advisor for Aboriginal Women’s Issues. The email by Fontaine suggested that a burlesque performance within a fundraiser held by Osborne House was inappropriate. “It’s just so disappointing […]

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U.K. lifts MSM blood ban

Canada may be rethinking restrictions placed on blood donation as the U.K. introduces a new policy giving gay and bisexual men the right to donate blood. Earlier this month, the U.K. lifted the life-long ban preventing men who have sex with men (MSM) from making blood donations. Starting in November, only gay or bisexual men […]

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International briefs

Prof suspended over using offensive rape metaphor during lecture A professor at the United States Naval War College was suspended when he used a rape metaphor during one of his lectures in May. A video now posted on shows the professor, Karl Walling, discussing 16th century philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli. At one point Walling begins […]

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CFS campaigns to end MSM deferral policy on blood donations

The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) is currently working to end the Canadian Blood Services’ lifetime ban on blood donations from men who have had sex with other men (MSM) at anytime since 1977. The CFS feels it is a discriminatory policy that draws attention to a person’s sexual preference rather than sexual practice. “A […]

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Running prosthetics complicate sport status quo

The collaboration between science and sport has brought athleticism into an entirely new realm. Sports that were once considered straight forward and solely based on human skill are now being complicated, questioned and reformed as scientific advancements have enhanced peoples’ abilities to perform various athletic feats. As the winter Olympics in Vancouver approaches, a warm […]

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Canada’s sports culture and the rest of the world

From within the confines of an increasingly pluralistic society, it can oftentimes be difficult for countries like Canada to lay claim on any one particular activity, style or happening. However, as one of only a handful of things that stand alone, being distinctly Canadian, the game of hockey has come to embody and dominate our […]

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Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill, radical and heinous

Uganda has taken a large step backward in the past month, with the introduction of an anti-homosexuality bill. This issue not only has stirred up controversy in international rings, but also poses the greatest threat to Uganda’s stability. As outlined in the draft bill, “aggravated homosexuality” would be punishable by death, with different tiers of […]

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