Who stands with Ahmed?

It seemed like a normal Monday. Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old freshman at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, began the school week just like any…

Blood politics

By highlighting MSM as an exposure category, current data collection and reporting methods support Canadian Blood Services’ screening practices. If UMSU wants screening practices to focus on specific high-risk behaviours, it needs data collection to also focus on specific high-risk behaviours.

Bloody hypocrisy

Bradly Wohlgemuth, staff “Blood. It’s in you to give.” Apparently it’s not inside everybody for giving – for example, someone like me, a bisexual male….

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“Racism” misunderstood?

On Aug. 22, a controversial email from Eric Robinson, Manitoba’s Deputy Premier, came to light. The email was in response to a complaint by Nahanni…

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Injustice will not lead to justice

In a recent news article in the Manitoban, the topic of creating a new racialized student representative came up once again. I have written on…

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U.K. lifts MSM blood ban

Canada may be rethinking restrictions placed on blood donation as the U.K. introduces a new policy giving gay and bisexual men the right to donate…

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International briefs

Prof suspended over using offensive rape metaphor during lecture A professor at the United States Naval War College was suspended when he used a rape…