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Lowering parking fees in Winnipeg is a short-sighted endeavour

The City of Winnipeg is considering a city-wide reduction in street parking fees after hearing from frustrated business owners in Winnipeg’s Exchange District. Seventy-nine business owners petitioned to bring fees in the Exchange District down to $2 an hour to help bring business back downtown.

Universal transit pass on track for fall 2016 roll-out

Hopes of having the universal transit pass (U-Pass) available to university students in Winnipeg for the fall of 2016 have surged as negotiations between the city transit authorities and university administrations and students draw closer to their final stage.

U-Pass passed in Winnipeg

The final results of the referendum officially confirmed that Winnipeg students approve the universal transit pass (U-Pass) program. The majority vote by the University of…

New pet owner bylaw misguided

On July 17, Winnipeg City Council voted 12-4 on an amended Responsible Pet Owner Bylaw which, among other things, forces cat owners to license their…