Canadian politics

Re: A tale of two parties

Lucas Johnston argues that the Liberal party is the one facing problems as the Conservatives formalize their acceptance of same-sex couples.

Debating the democratic process

Electoral politics went under the microscope at the University of Manitoba late last week when political studies students hosted the 32nd annual John Wesley Dafoe Conference.

Off with our head

Watching Justin Trudeau and his 30-member cabinet being sworn in earlier this month, something struck me as extremely off-putting about the whole affair: the oath Trudeau and his ministers made to our head of state, the monarch of Canada, Queen Elizabeth II.

Saving the CBC

The CBC has been hobbled.
Decades of funding cuts under both the Liberal and Conservative governments and political interference through board appointments by Stephen Harper have severely hampered the national broadcaster’s ability to meet its mandate: to “provide radio and television services incorporating a wide range of programming that informs, enlightens and entertains,” according to the 1991 Broadcasting Act.