Tuition fees increase as funding falls

This fall, U of M students will find themselves dealing with the repercussions of changes initiated by the provincial government — primarily, increased educational expenses….

Who does UMSU really work for?

Welcome to the University of Manitoba: a campus that “thrives” and “grows” by disengaging from the student population via the brick walls of bureaucracy and oppressive ideology. Please do not be fooled by our school’s glittery and distracting advertisements that announce “I am a trailblazer” or “I am a rebel.” In fact, you are not a trailblazer or rebel, as a student of this university.

Instead, you are expected to pay your dues and enter into a submissive relationship with both the university administration and student union. This was shown during the 2014-15 school year when several student, faculty, and staff groups protested the austerity budget that would see four per cent cuts to most faculties and some non-academic units. Here are some – certainly not all – things to consider should you decide to continue your academic journey through this treacherous campus.

PST’d off

Caleigh MacDonald Entrepreneur Robert Half once said, “People try to live within their income so they can afford to pay taxes to a government that…

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Concern over university budget

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