The reactionary Pope

The papacy has never enjoyed as glowing a reception as today, and notably among progressives. Pope Francis has been met with praise for his strong condemnations of “unbridled capitalism” and the visible inequities and environmental degradation it has produced. This focus on social justice, the pontiff’s seemingly humble, compassionate persona, has convinced many on the left that he is to be considered a “radical pope” and a force for institutional change. I think caution needs to be urged in applying this label, largely because many of the moral positions of the Catholic Church are fundamentally conservative in nature.

Pro-life on U of M campus

After three days of pro-life demonstrations and counter-demonstrations on the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry Campus, the former making use of graphic genocide imagery, a…

Motion 312 no longer in motion

A motion to research the time human life starts was defeated on Sept. 26 in the House of Commons. The initial motion, led by conservative…