Graphic by Caroline Norman

‘C’-ing the future of the Jets captaincy

The Minnesota native’s dominant display on the ice and experience as a member of the Thrashers-Jets franchise warrants team captaincy. The choice appears a no-brainer. However, general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff may want to hold off on the decision.

Graphic by Bram Keast

Hot takes with Steltsy and Still

This week is an NHL edition of hot takes, as Ryan discusses why fans shouldn’t be too upset with the Winnipeg Jets’ current record and Mike provides his input on having spotters at NHL games to try and identify concussion symptoms among players.

Photo by Chris Zuk

One last lap

Swimming-wise, both Perron and Moors will head off to the Olympic trials in just over a month , and each have stated that will likely be the final event in their competitive swimming careers.

Graphic by Bram Keast

Hot takes with Steltsy and Still

This past week, Mike and Ryan chatted about the possibility of hitting in women’s hockey and the lack of coverage of amateur athletes at the CIS level.

Photo by Jeff Miller

Questions and Anders

The Manitoban caught up with Wyatt Anders to get his thoughts on what the post-season may have in store for the herd, starting on March 3.