It’s no secret: students will change this election

Young people and students can drastically change the outcome of this federal election. The current government won a majority in the 14 closest ridings by only 6,201 votes. Just imagine what could happen if more young people voted and raised the issues that we care about.


Re: Cancellation of the U of M federal candidates’ debate

I am very disappointed that the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) has decided to cancel the upcoming Winnipeg South federal candidates’ debate. The rationale given to my campaign by vice-president external Astitwa Thapa was “the Local Candidate’s Debate has been cancelled because of [Conservative candidate Gordon] Giesbrecht’s refusal to attend the debate. We have heard from a lot of students that they just aren’t interested in attending if there won’t be a debate with the Conservative representation.”


Re: UMSU moves forward with divestment campaign

I want to commend UMSU Council and vice-president external Astitwa Thapa for their trailblazing work towards divesting the University Investment Trust from the fossil fuel sector. I agree wholeheartedly with Thapa when he says “the University of Manitoba prides itself in being a leader in the 21st century – then be a leader by divesting from fossil fuels.”

Former UMSU president Al Turnbull. Graphic by Evan Tremblay.

Letter to the students

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While there are many qualms that I would raise with Ethan Cabel’s recent article around the perceived political neutrality of student unions, I would first…