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re: Manitoban covers

The front page used to grab my attention with its eye-catching, colourful, and original design. It now lacks these qualities, and seems to remain constant…

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The facade of neutrality

In an article in the Nov. 12 issue of the Manitoban, “UMSU Gets it Right With Political Neutrality”, Ethan Cabel asserts that political action has…

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re: UMSU political neutrality

While there are many qualms that I would raise with Ethan Cabel’s recent article around the perceived political neutrality of student unions, I would first…

Ronnie Cruz, former UMSU vice-president student services

Letter to the Editor

As a former vice-president student services and member of the Board of Trustees, I would like to provide some background information about UMSU’s endowment fund….

Photos by Carolyne Kroeker

Letter to the Editor

UMSU executives attributed removal of the GoSA Coordinator position to unsustainable funding from the endowment fund. I would like to comment on the work of…

UMSU General Election 2014 candidates

Letters to the editor

As the dust settles from the recent UMSU election, it is apparent that it was not an election based on the serious issues that face…

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Re: UMSU begins CFS review

Re: UMSU begins CFS review I find Christian Pierce’s comments within the article “UMSU begins review of CFS relationship” disturbing on many fronts. UMSU is…