Clarifying the ‘trope of objectivity’

Last month, I was lucky enough to conduct one of my favourite interviews ever, following one of the best public lectures I have ever seen. John Greyson, a Canadian filmmaker who spent almost two months locked up in Tora Prison in Egypt, was in Winnipeg to deliver the keynote speech for Israeli Apartheid Week. Greyson […]

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Graphic by Bradly Wohlgemuth

Politicked off? Don’t vote

There is nothing to gain from supporting a broken system

“Everything that can be said about the suffrage may be summed up in a sentence.    To vote is to give up your own power.”   -Élisée Reclus   It seems that many Canadians have their knickers in a twist over the proposed Fair Elections Act, the new federal bill which would overhaul the Elections […]

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Photo by: Katy MacKinnon

The price of convenience

Smartphones and technological complacency

Seemingly everyone has a smartphone these days. According to surveys from 2013, almost half of all Canadians and more than half of all Americans use the high-powered mobile devices. Until recently, I was one of those last few holdouts, sitting hunched over my slide-out Nokia Surge typing impeccably spelled text messages on its full QWERTY […]

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Snow cone — Photo by Beibei Lu

Purposeful strides ahead

A brief list of strategies to keep you mindful and on track in 2014

That unmistakably thick, heady fog of impractical resolutions and implacably glass-half-full attitudes permeates the air: it’s the New Year. I know I’m never more purposeful than I am in January. One year ends, another begins. A fresh start. A new chance to reinvent ourselves and get it right this time. Or something? The problem is […]

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Photo by Shahnoor Habib Munmun

Hydro expansion plans high risk?

Total project cost would amount to more than provincial debt

Living in Manitoba it is nearly impossible to survive through the winter without the resources of Manitoba Hydro. Yet consumers may soon find that what they are paying the company to provide for these services has gone up, according to an announcement recently made by Manitoba Hydro. The first of several rate increases, which became […]

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Graphic by: Bradly Wohlgemuth

The case for decriminalization

Seeking alternatives to the failed “War on Drugs”

The recent Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) proposal to ticket people found with 30 grams or less of marijuana is a tiny step in the right direction. But with Justin Trudeau now speaking out in favour of marijuana legalization, and 70 per cent of Canadians in favour of either legalization or decriminalization, it’s […]

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