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Weighing in

Over the last month we’ve been hard at work on the back end of our website. Among other things, we have switched to a new web host that provides a better service than we were previously getting. The Manitoban’s web traffic has grown by an order of magnitude in the last few years and we’ve become too big for the space we had at the old host.

Graphic by Bram Keast.

Keeping your head in the game

Playing football can be different things to different people. For some, it’s an escape from the real world, a way to release frustration and anger…

No Picture


I did not want to write this. The first draft was a rant, an unmitigated calling out of the administrators of various organizations in the…

Graphic by Bram Keast.

Jon Stewart’s serious comedy

On Tuesday, Feb. 10, during the last minutes of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart announced that he would be resigning from his position as the…

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Watch your mouth

The concept of linguistic relativism—despite infiltrating the disciplines of cognitive psychology, linguistics, anthropology, and philosophy—has yet to reach the paradigm of everyday discourse. Also known…

Graphic by Bram Keast.

Getting fans in the stands

Things are changing for the better when it comes to sports and recreation at the University of Manitoba. The trend in the right direction started in September of 2013, when the Bison football team played their first-ever game in the newly-opened Investors Group Field (IGF). A humungous step up from the old University Stadium, IGF has a capacity of 33,422 spectators , and is hands down the best facility in the CIS.

Graphic by Evan Tremblay.

Media medium matters

On Feb. 12, CBC Manitoba hosted a special event, CBC Tweet Up Manitoba, at which local social media “leaders”—identified as “tweeps” by CBC—were asked to…

Photo by Carolyne Kroeker

The education shell game

The University of Manitoba is preparing for annual budget cuts of three to four per cent over the next two academic years. While the administration…

Graphic by Bram Keast

On water and inconvenience

Water has been on the mind of Winnipeggers following the city-wide boil-water advisory, which lasted from the evening of Tuesday Jan. 27 to the afternoon…