Graphic by Evan Tremblay.

Media medium matters

On Feb. 12, CBC Manitoba hosted a special event, CBC Tweet Up Manitoba, at which local social media “leaders”—identified as “tweeps” by CBC—were asked to…

Graphic by Bram Keast

On water and inconvenience

Water has been on the mind of Winnipeggers following the city-wide boil-water advisory, which lasted from the evening of Tuesday Jan. 27 to the afternoon…


Who’s representing you?

Last week I wrote an article for the Manitoban detailing an ongoing dispute between UMSU and the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) over fees being…

Graphic by Justin Ladia

Stop defining yourself

If you’ve read a newspaper, visited the airport, or looked at any of the University of Manitoba’s official literature, you’ve almost certainly seen the “Trailblazer”…

Graphic by Kailey Trevithick.

Feminism: the new F word

The idea of feminism has been a dominating theme in media and conversation this year. From Rosetta physicist Matt Taylor’s infamous shirt splattered with bodacious…

Graphic credit to Bram Keast

Questioning corporatized campuses

The corporatization of higher education and the corporate prioritization of research questions are serious concerns challenging the intellectual integrity of the academy and public research…

graphic provided by Justin Ladia

Playing the name game

Debate has raged on in recent months over the Washington NFL football team’s name, the Redskins. The team moved to the nation’s capital in 1937….