Photo by Shahnoor Habib Munmun

Hydro expansion plans high risk?

Total project cost would amount to more than provincial debt

Living in Manitoba it is nearly impossible to survive through the winter without the resources of Manitoba Hydro. Yet consumers may soon find that what they are paying the company to provide for these services has gone up, according to an announcement recently made by Manitoba Hydro. The first of several rate increases, which became […]

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Graphic by: Bradly Wohlgemuth

The case for decriminalization

Seeking alternatives to the failed “War on Drugs”

The recent Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) proposal to ticket people found with 30 grams or less of marijuana is a tiny step in the right direction. But with Justin Trudeau now speaking out in favour of marijuana legalization, and 70 per cent of Canadians in favour of either legalization or decriminalization, it’s […]

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Graphic: James Culleton

Safe sex is good sex

A student's guide to sexual health and wellness

You should care about your sexual health. Whether you’re a seasoned pro in the bedroom or you’re treading carefully, a little knowledge goes a long way. Sexual health involves more than just avoiding Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Being safe from violence and injury—as well as having control and positivity during sex—is highly important. Your physical […]

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Photo courtesy of the United States Department of Energy

Science, ethics, and nutrition

Aboriginal nutritional experiments prompt scientific soul-searching

Earlier this summer, it was revealed that researchers sponsored by the Canadian government had conducted wildly unethical nutritional experiments on malnourished Aboriginal children in residential schools. No consent was given by the children or their parents, who were not even aware of the experiments. This was carried out throughout the 1940s, the same decade that saw […]

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Original cover art from the very first issue of the Manitoban printed in 1914

100 years on

Getting to know your campus community and student newspaper

Entering our 100th publication year in the campus news business, I’d like to take an opportunity to share a few anecdotes with the reader. I hope these will illustrate some of the less obvious, though nonetheless pertinent, reasons having an institution like the Manitoban accessible to university students and community members alike is so important. […]

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HIV virus illustration by: Philipp Fisch

Three zeros

Talking about HIV/AIDS in Winnipeg and Manitoba

In light of a recent UNAIDS report indicating drops of up to 50 per cent in new HIV infections in some of the most severely affected parts of Africa, as well as broader contentions that the “global infection rates for AIDS peaked in the 1990s, and death rates are starting to fall,” some might be […]

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Photo: Ian Cormack

Killers on display

My first encounter with captured orcas took place at the age of 10 at SeaWorld Orlando. My family filed in with the rest of the unassuming crowd to watch the trainers ride with the iconic whale Shamu in what must have been a relatively claustrophobic aquatic environment for a cetacean of that magnitude. I’d also, […]

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A laggard’s reasoning: The resistance to adopt new technologies

The iPhone: god’s gift to man. Or so that’s what marketing schemes have almost led me to believe. The iPhone is only one example from an army of technology: phones, musical listening devices, and computers. Once the newest advancement or updated version of that device appears beneath its shiny plastic package, that new product covers […]

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Freedom of speech: A freedom that often infringes on others’ rights

Being able to freely say or do whatever you want is a right that people in North America value immensely. You can have any opinion or belief, no matter whom it offends, and can protect yourself with the often-used claim, “It’s a free country.” Not only does this excuse get thrown around in casual settings […]

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