What makes Evil Dead so scary

Deconstructing rape and mysogyny in the horror genre

The thrill of a good scary movie is one I can rarely deny. So when my friends asked me to go see Evil Dead I jumped on that bloodcurdling train without hesitation. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t enjoy the cheap scares this time around thanks to some other alarming themes that reared their ugly heads. The […]

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Photo by: Peter van der Sluijs

Stuck below a staircase and a workplace

Disabled versus unable

Last month, thanks to my history of cancer and multiple surgeries, I found myself back on crutches. I broke my foot just by walking on it – I like to live life on the edge. I went from feeling somewhat free and inspired to being back in a place where the mobility of my legs […]

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Keystone controversy

There has been plenty of controversy over the proposed Keystone Pipeline project that will see an oil pipeline stretch through Alberta into the U.S., carrying unrefined oil from the infamous Athabasca tar sands to refineries in the south. Of course, in many ways I support the opposition to this project with their concerns about the […]

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