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Imbalance at UMSU

In practice, the executive holds all the power. Executive members are full-time officers of UMSU. They can devote their entire day to furthering their agendas. They can utilize the expertise of UMSU staff to develop large-scale plans and proposals. Most importantly, the executive controls the flow of information to council.

Peace, Bound_RGB_Photo by Carolyne Kroeker, staff

Peace, bound

We are all entitled to support whom we choose and to give voice to that choice. To listen to our conscience and act upon the things it tells us about the world. If we do so without violence, there can be no case for the use of government force against us. In a free and just society, the use of government power to punish individuals for speaking their beliefs, no matter how unpopular, is oppression.

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India’s rockstar prime minister

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Ottawa on April 14 to a large number of fans waiting and chanting his name. The visit was…

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Refuting the ‘silent majority’

The true absurdity worthy of note in Ethan Cabel’s article “U of M budget woes a function of weak provincial leadership,” published in the Apr….

Former UMSU president Al Turnbull. Graphic by Evan Tremblay.

Letter to the students

The Manitoban received this letter from outgoing University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) president Al Turnbull at the end of his term on April 30….

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The politics of fear

Every human action is rooted in either love or fear. It’s not a new or a particularly complicated analysis of the human condition, but it…

Photo by Carolyne Kroeker, staff.

UMSU needs a strategic plan

What will the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) look like in 10 years? Five years? Next year? We don’t know because UMSU has no…