Graphic by Justin Ladia

What holiday season?

Generalizing about the holidays trivializes other cultures

As we begin to set up our non-denominational holiday trees and paint the words “season’s greetings” in our windows, we are about to be inundated with tiresome arguments about the secularization of the holiday season – why it’s a terrible thing that must be stopped, and why it’s a great example of the progress made […]

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McLuhan_GRAYSCALE_March 16, 1934

Appreciating Marshall McLuhan

Putting the spotlight on the influential media theorist and University of Manitoba alum

In its hundred-year history, the Manitoban has been the first step on the way to a professional career for numerous writers. But there is one who leaves them all behind, whose association with the Manitoban gives us instant respectability even with those who sneer at the student press. I speak, of course, of Marshall McLuhan. […]

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Graphic: Bram Keast

Responding to Poloz

Students don't need to work for free; they need to stand up for labour rights

Last week Stephen Poloz, governor of the Bank of Canada, said to a House of Commons committee that out-of-work students should work for free to bolster their CVs. His remarks have since been condemned in the media, and for good reason. Calling on unemployed young people to work for free is an abysmal response to […]

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Graphic by Keegan Steele

Attendance policies harmful

It's none of your business whether I go to class

In my first year at the University of Manitoba, I encountered something I had never imagined before. On arriving at my first English class and receiving a syllabus, I discovered that there was an attendance component to the course’s evaluation, to be enforced by calling the roll on three random days throughout the term. In […]

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re: Manitoban covers

The front page used to grab my attention with its eye-catching, colourful, and original design. It now lacks these qualities, and seems to remain constant as the weeks go by. The new three-row layout does no justice to the images it portrays, and the weeks just blend together. It’s difficult to identify the actual images […]

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The facade of neutrality

In an article in the Nov. 12 issue of the Manitoban, “UMSU Gets it Right With Political Neutrality”, Ethan Cabel asserts that political action has a limited place within the mandate of today’s student unions. Singling out the “radical” University of Winnipeg Students’ Association, where we are executive members, he suggests that our student activism […]

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re: UMSU political neutrality

While there are many qualms that I would raise with Ethan Cabel’s recent article around the perceived political neutrality of student unions, I would first ask him to consider both recent and not so recent historical trends. For years, student unions have found injustice on their campuses and instead of standing idly by have pushed […]

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UMSU gets it right with political neutrality

Radical politics have no place in student unions

At a time when more and more Canadians are attending university at different stages in their lives and for vastly different reasons, the idea of students comprising a uniform political constituency is increasingly absurd. Even the cultural lingo of university life—characterized by tired, broke, and hungry young students cramming for their next midterm—is more and […]

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Charisma ≠ innocence

Don't jump to Ghomeshi's defence just because you like his show

When the CBC announced that they had ended their relationship with radio host Jian Ghomeshi, the Internet exploded, with fans of Ghomeshi tweeting their collective outrage. Musician and author Amanda Palmer was one of the first celebrities to vocally defend Ghomeshi—though she later had a change of heart—and the structure of her defence is chillingly […]

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Reforming concert etiquette

Rules render classical music concerts inaccessible

Concert etiquette can be a touchy subject, especially among classical musicians. While classical musicians maintain a certain pride in the unspoken rules surrounding concert, it’s possible that some of these rules have made the music inaccessible to those who are not familiar with them. A few good arguments are made by conductor Baldur Brönnimann in […]

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