Graphic: Samantha Secter

Marilyn Monroe was no role model

Glorifying troubled stars is problematic

I have to admit, I’ve never been on board the big Marilyn Monroe bandwagon. It’s not that I hate her; it’s just that after so many years of seeing troubled, drug-addicted celebrities die young, I don’t think she was all that special. Hold your stones, girls. There’s a lot to be said about this woman – […]

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Keeping our word

Neil Young sheds light on the importance of treaties, and we should all listen

In recent weeks, Neil Young’s Honour the Treaties tour has brought much attention to the important issue of treaties and First Nations land rights in Canada. Unfortunately, a lack of early education on the history of the conception of the Canadian state, coupled with widespread misinformation on the role of indigenous peoples in Canada’s history, […]

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Living wage a win-win for Manitobans

Eliminating poverty good for families and businesses

The problem with having to live while earning less than the living wage is that it is very stressful. Families living on less than a living wage have to face hard choices: for example, paying the rent, or feeding the children, or heating the house. Poverty remains a huge problem in Manitoba even though the […]

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Graphic: Justin Ladia

Aboriginal suicide a growing epidemic

Reserve life, legacy of residential schools contributing factors

Michael Lee The crisis at Neskantaga, a community 480 km northeast of Thunder Bay, has been a growing concern of mine as of late. On Apr. 17, 2013, the reserve declared a state of emergency; two young men had committed suicide within seven days of one another. It was reported that the community averaged around […]

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It takes a village

James Moore’s comments should inspire us all to look out for the needy

Chris Hearn, volunteer staff According to a statement made in mid-December by Canada’s Industry Minister James Moore, it is not the federal government’s job to feed hungry children. What? Come again? No, sir. That is exactly what the job of the federal government is. A government is supposed to work for the people, and that […]

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Graphic: Justin Ladia

Changing the balance of power

New Reform Act could be revolutionary for Canada

Tariq Sohail, volunteer staff Over the past couple of decades, especially in the last 10 years, Canadians have become more disengaged from parliament. Fifty-five per cent of Canadians surveyed recently were pleased with how Canadian democracy works. In the past year, parliament and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) have been plagued by a Senate expense […]

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Illustration: Bram Keast

Myths about Mandela

Anti-apartheid leader’s legacy co-opted by conservatives

Brian Latour With the death of Nelson Mandela on Dec. 5, the world lost an interesting political figure and a powerful leader in the struggle against racism and colonialism. Mandela was a political figure who was constantly evolving, and one who was not without contradictions. His transition from anti-colonial revolutionary to a universally respected elder […]

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Graphic: Bram Keast

Growing health gap a concern for poor Manitobans

Brian Sinclair inquest reveals outstanding issues of negligence

Seamus Hamilton-Pattison, volunteer staff Given the rate modern medicine progresses, it should come as no surprise that overall, health in our province has been improving. Since approximately 1985, for example, the number of tuberculosis hospitalizations per 100,000 people in Manitoba has been cut nearly in half. That being said, while health care has drastically improved […]

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“Nerd” is not an insult

Being science fiction or fantasy-obsessed is cool nowadays

Connor Duff Nerd. In high school, who didn’t dread being called that? Well, on the contrary, “nerd” isn’t some degrading insult that everyone will find offensive. If you call a good amount of high school or university students a nerd, the response you may likely get is, “Thank you.” While driving home from work one […]

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Photo: Angela England

Polar bears don’t belong in captivity

Combating climate change the real answer to wildlife conservation

Chris Hearn, volunteer staff Why do we humans love to play the role of God or Mother Nature? What gives us the right to decide the fate and future of every other living thing on this planet? Nature can take care of itself best. It always has and always will. Attempts by humans to change […]

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