A letter of thanks to U of M students from the UMFA

UMFA would like to express our appreciation to all of the students who wrote or called with messages of support for UMFA and their professors during the negotiations with the University of Manitoba administration. We also want to thank all of you who organized and participated in groups such as Students Supporting UMFA, and those who created and […]

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Graphic: Caroline Norman

Gender discrimination: two wrongs don’t make a right

Prejudice against men is real and harmful

Meg Bergeron Many feminists think misandry isn’t real. Not even my spellcheck thinks misandry is real. But it has become painfully obvious to me, as I pay closer attention to today’s social issues, that it is. Women have been hurt – a lot. This is not news. But amidst all this hostility, men are being […]

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Graphic by: Bram Keast

Not on my campus

End tobacco sales at the University of Manitoba

Not on My Campus collective Across Canada, many provinces and territories have prohibited tobacco sales at post-secondary institutions. It is surprising that the University of Manitoba sells cigarettes in two locations on the Fort Garry campus: IQ’s and G.P.A.’s. Both stores are run by the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU). Being the provider of […]

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Marching together for safer streets

Take Back the Night rally inspires positive change

Spencer Fernando On Sept. 19, I had the opportunity to attend the 35th annual Take Back the Night rally. This was the first time I had attended the march—which started at the North End Bell Tower on Selkirk Avenue—and I was initially unsure of what to expect. What I found was a powerful sense of […]

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A great consolation

Assisted suicide option should be on the table for terminally ill patients

Caleigh MacDonald, staff I do not know what it’s like to be dying, but I know better than most what it feels like to lose control of your own body. I have epilepsy, a condition that sporadically turns my brain into a skipping record player. When it activates, I collapse, and every muscle in my […]

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Nothing looms larger

A student’s perspective on academic freedom and the potential UMFA strike

Kristy Hourd In every course syllabus, there is a paragraph stating that students are required to adhere to the University’s policy on academic integrity. Almost every student I know, including myself, basically sums up this policy as “don’t plagiarize, and no stunt doubles at exams.” We then skip over academic integrity and jump right to […]

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UMFA president’s open letter to students at the University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) has been negotiating with the administration since mid-June. The issues that remain on the table are the ones that will determine the culture and the mission of this university far into the future. Although University of Manitoba academics, at virtually all ranks, are at the bottom of any […]

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Student loans: the less you have, the more you have to pay

Why interest rates on student loans should be scrapped

Bilan Arte Canada currently uses provincial and federal student loans as a way to increase the accessibility of our post-secondary education system. The idea is simple: lump sums of money are provided to students from low-income families to help pay for their school and living expenses for the duration of their post-secondary education program. In […]

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Winnipeg Zombie Walk cancellation indicates unattainable regulations

Community-building events should be more affordable

Foster Lyle, staff A few short weeks ago it was announced that Winnipeg’s annual Zombie Walk would not occur this year. The event, which attracts thousands of Winnipeg residents to dress as the “undead” and take to the streets for a lively, fun-filled walk, was closed down by its organizers, who said that the cost […]

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Mental health and poverty

A misunderstood correlation

Bruce Tefft It is a well-established fact that rates of mental disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression, schizophrenia) within the general population are strongly correlated with income. In other words, as individual incomes decrease, rates of mental disorder sharply increase. This consistent relationship has been demonstrated around the world and, in reference to both mental and physical […]

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