International touring fees hurt Canadian music scene

Smaller bands and venues hit hard by new regulations

Seamus Hamilton-Pattison Touring is a risky venture for any independent or smaller band or artist. The financial rigmarole required to book venues across a country, take time away from one’s day job, and then fill a van with gas to make the whole venture possible can be quite daunting for any band financing their art […]

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Illustration by: Bram Keast

Rape culture still pervasive on campuses

SMU frosh chants highlight need for education, activism

Over the past two weeks, an issue impacting many Canadian college and university campuses has come to light. While the vast majority of campus frosh week events do not include chants like those voiced at St. Mary’s University and UBC, the issues of consent and sexual violence are ones that students on campuses across the […]

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Photo courtesy of NASA

Sprawl puts undue burden on police service

Curbing fringe development could alleviate police budget woes

Steve Snyder Since a draft report from Texas-based Matrix Consulting Group Ltd. recommending deep cuts to the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) came to light, the City of Winnipeg and the WPS have been exchanging snide remarks regarding the efficacy of the WPS. While I personally have not seen the report, I have a drastic idea […]

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U of M(isogyny)

Childish Gambino’s hateful rhetoric has no place at Frosh Music Festival

Jodie Layne, volunteer staff Frosh Week and orientation events are rites of passage at campuses worldwide. The events can be a great way to meet new friends, see your campus, and be reminded that you’re all accruing student debt together. Frosh events can be positive bonding experiences that expand your horizons. It can help to […]

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Foreign intervention in Syria a mistake

Conflict should be solved by regional powers

It seems things have deteriorated to a point in the Syrian civil war that chemical weapons have been used against civilians. As with much in the Syrian war, there is some mystery and confusion surrounding the event. Estimated death tolls have ranged from hundreds to over a thousand. John Kerry put the number at 1,429 […]

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University email change misguided

New policy is troublesome and will not protect your privacy

Tom Ingram, staff The University of Manitoba is adopting a new email policy. Starting Sept. 1, all communications between students and faculty or staff must go through official U of M email accounts. Students will no longer be able to use personal email accounts to communicate with professors, academic advisors, or other university employees. Additionally, […]

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Photo by: Dano Tanaka

Osborne House controversy reveals ignorance on both sides

Questions of sexism as well as racism must be discussed

The controversy surrounding a recent Osborne House fundraiser rages on, and parties on both sides of the debate have some apologizing to do. For those who haven’t been following the news, a series of internal emails between Eric Robinson, Manitoba’s Deputy Premier, and Nahanni Fontaine, the province’s Special Advisor on Aboriginal Women’s Issues, were recently […]

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Illustration by: Gloria Joe

Getting serious about male-on-male violence

Trayvon Martin case raises questions of masculinity as well as race

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman story needs little introduction. Even though it occurred far south of the Canadian border in sunny Florida, the media coverage has been hard to miss. Much of the debate concerning this story has been focused on the issue of race. Some insist that the case is one of racial profiling, in […]

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Empty the tanks!

Marineland protestors on the right side of history

Carlyn Schellenberg, staff On the afternoon of July 27, 2013 the first International Empty the Tanks protests occurred simultaneously in various locations around the world. I had the pleasure of attending the event at Marineland, along with over 200 other dissidents. For decades, anti-captivity activists have been protesting against the inhumane capture of marine mammals […]

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Photo by: Tom Ingram

The great suburban illusion

Riverbend Habitat concerns are masking something unwholesome

The Habitat for Humanity development in Winnipeg’s Riverbend neighbourhood is nearing completion. Of a proposed 10 side-by-side units, half have been completed and half are almost done. As a resident of the area, I feel that now is a good time to take another look at the issues surrounding the project. Habitat for Humanity is […]

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