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Reforming concert etiquette

Concert etiquette can be a touchy subject, especially among classical musicians. While classical musicians maintain a certain pride in the unspoken rules surrounding concert, it’s…

Graphic: Bram Keast

Why I no longer vote strategically

The day before the mayoral election my social media feed was flooded with pleas from political pragmatists. Supporters of Brian Bowman were trying to persuade…

University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg students voted in favour of having a universal transit pass (U-Pass) program this week through referendums held at both campuses. (Photo by: Carolyne Kroeker)

Voting on the U-Pass

This week, UMSU members will vote on the issue of a proposed mandatory universal bus pass for students. UMGSA is also holding a similar referendum…

Graphic: Evan Tremblay

A musician’s worst nightmare

A very small controversy recently raged among musicians online due to Air Canada’s policy on musical instruments. As of Oct. 2, the policy on the…

Graphic: Scott Ford

The fallacy of the American dream

Recently a Chinese billionaire made a provocative and, at its core, American statement. In an article translated by the Cambridge Entrepreneur Academy, Jack Ma, executive…

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Washington on the defense

Recently, the Daily Show aired a segment pitting a panel of Native American activists who are pushing for a new name for a certain Washington-based…

Photo Credit Matt Duboff. 
New mayor and new city management offer new hope on the horizon for Winnipeg.

Human rights and wrongs

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), which is now open for business, has been controversial for a number of reasons, including the museum’s treatment…

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More than just academics

As October rolls in, we see students are settling back into the regular grind of classes and part-time jobs. With all of this going on,…

Ronnie Cruz, former UMSU vice-president student services

Letter to the Editor

As a former vice-president student services and member of the Board of Trustees, I would like to provide some background information about UMSU’s endowment fund….

Photos by Carolyne Kroeker

Letter to the Editor

UMSU executives attributed removal of the GoSA Coordinator position to unsustainable funding from the endowment fund. I would like to comment on the work of…