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Photo by Lauren Siddall

Brunch is the new black

As the art of creating the perfect brunch has taken centre stage in the culinary world, increasingly more brunch-centric restaurants are sprouting up in Winnipeg….

Cover image provided by Penguin Random House

Cover to cover with Carlyn

Adult Onset is Toronto writer and actor Ann-Marie MacDonald’s first book in 11 years. Her previous works include the play Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) and…

Graphic by Keegan Steele

Adapting to Winnipeg with art

The University of Manitoba wants to help international students ease their adjustment to our frigid city through a group workshop series titled Creative Group Workshop…

Hilary Grist. Photo by Jennifer Picard.

Hilary Grist: Come & Go

It is such a rarity to come across a robust, cohesive album – one in which each song truly sounds like it has been handpicked…

Hip hop/breakdance artist Bill Shannon will perform during the Soapbox Series. Graphic by Bram Keast.

Accessing art

The arts aren’t always accessible for people with disabilities. Sometimes audience members can’t see a play because of flights of stairs. Other times, artwork is…

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The Dude Abides

Put on your favourite Creedence tape, tie up your bowling shoes, and starting mixing up some White Russians: Lebowskipalooza, an event based around the 90s…