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Ask Kara!

Kara, I told my girlfriend that it’s okay if she wants to get with other girls during our relationship (since I’m a guy, I figure it’s different and I can’t give her what she’s looking for). I don’t consider it cheating if it’s with another girl, but I do if it’s with another guy. My […]

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Jinchalo: A visual journey

Jinchalo, title of Matthew Forsythe’s newest graphic novel, is a Korean expression, meaning “really?” A question of reality: what and where is the line between what is real and what is imagined? A companion piece to Forsythe’s critically acclaimed book Ojingogo, Jinchalo follows the story of Voguchi, a young girl set upon an adventure away […]

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The Reading Week Detox

Coming down off the reading week high can be a harrowing experience for some, especially when it comes time to go back to school. For those who’ve been on vacation in [insert warm, sunny location here], sun withdrawal can be rough. The following, then, are a few tips for coming back down to earth and […]

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Not Serious: Retro Review!

When Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed came out for the PC and PlayStation in 2000  it was completely different from prior games in the series. Before, Need For Speed (NFS) would offer cars from different manufacturers for players to choose from. Unleashed focused only on the Porsche, but this focus was deep and thorough. Looking […]

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Meet Bear 71

The National Film Board of Canada is drastically changing the landscape of cinema with interactive documentaries such as Bear 71, a multi-user online experience that will also be launched in an installation entitled Bear 71 Live. Bear 71 Live premiered worldwide at the prestigious Sundance Festival earlier this year and is currently available for viewing […]

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