What makes Evil Dead so scary

Deconstructing rape and mysogyny in the horror genre

The thrill of a good scary movie is one I can rarely deny. So when my friends asked me to go see Evil Dead I jumped on that bloodcurdling train without hesitation. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t enjoy the cheap scares this time around thanks to some other alarming themes that reared their ugly heads. The […]

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arts_manyfest_photo by janessa brunet

Manyfest: Nine downtown events to finish off your summer

As much as I would have loved to take advantage of the time off to travel, as a struggling student my funds—or lack thereof—have forced me to stay in the city for the summer. Though with the smorgasbord of activities and events that have taken place around the city, my time has been well occupied […]

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Robert Houle: enuhmo andúhyaun

Houle’s ARTlab exhibition, Robert Houle: enuhmo andúhyaun (the road home) (Sept. 6, – Oct. 12) is one in a series of art exhibitions at the University of Manitoba. The art shows are being launched in celebration of The School of Art Gallery at the University of Manitoba move into ARTlab. Anihšināpē artist, Robert Houle will […]

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arts_the lytics

Sophomore Lytics album to be released this October

It’s been a couple years since the debut of the Lytics’ self-titled EP, but the wait is almost over. The popular Winnipeg hip-hop group will soon be following up with their full sophomore album, They Told Me, which will be released this October. The Lytics—comprised of brothers Andrew, Alex, and Anthony Sannie, along with cousin […]

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arts_indian city

Concert Review: Indian City

The West End Cultural Centre is well-known for its awesome live shows. One of the latest acts, Indian City, was no exception. Indian City is a recently formed 10-piece super group that consists of Vince Fontaine, Pamela Davis, William Prince, Neewa Mason, Tik Mason, Don Amero, Marty Chapman, Gerry Atwell, Ray Stevenson, and Buffy Handel. […]

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Rainbow Trout Music Festival and Fishing Derby

Nestled about 10 kilometers off Highway 59 lies land on the Roseau River that for 362 days of the year functions as a heritage campsite, developed and run by the passion of Georges Beaudry. The other three days of the year, amongst the artifacts and the natural beauty, it hosts Manitoba’s scrappiest music festival and […]

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