arts_cheering for the bad guy_02oct2013

Next Year Country

Cheering for the Bad Guy to release their third full-length album at the Windsor Hotel

As one of Canada’s largest urban centres, Winnipeg has long been a multifarious population—city slickers, rural expatriates, transplants from across the country and beyond—and few local bands capture that spirit of eclecticism as well as scrappy country punks Cheering For the Bad Guy. Their recently-released album, Next Year Country, is their third full-length outing, and […]

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arts_ rally for choice_ 02oct2013

‘Is it really about the money?’

Rally organizers question the need to debate abortion service funding

It would be hard to ignore the current debates around abortion on the U of M campus, which started with large graphic images, and have since spilled into UMSU offices and out of news outlets across Winnipeg. This Thursday, Oct. 3 at noon, the debate is moving to the legislature grounds in the form of […]

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Locals to look out for

The Blisters

Somewhere out in the wilds of British Columbia, Daniel Glen Monkman is putting trees into the ground. Who is Monkman and why should you care if he is spending his days toiling away in the foothills of B.C., baggin’ up at tree cashes and screefing topsoil? Monkman is the principal songwriter and driving force behind […]

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Going Deep with Jodie Layne

Sexy subscriptions and mindful sex

Let me tell you about subscription boxes. To most an exciting new concept, subscription boxes are basically modernized versions of those CD of the Month or your mom’s Wine of the Month clubs. Only now, the market has reached maximum saturation and there is a subscription box for everything: dog treats, beauty samples, vegan goodies, […]

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arts_send + receive_02oct2013


Send + Receive: A Festival of Sound, Oct. 9–12

From October 9–12, Send + Receive: A Festival of Sound will celebrate its 15th anniversary in various venues around Winnipeg. The festival, which celebrates experimental music and sound art, will feature performances, screenings, installation pieces, and artist talks. The theme of this year’s Send + Receive festival is “transcendence.” Artists participating in the festival are […]

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DBT in BPD by Cara Mason

Emerging Voices

U of M students chosen to install artwork for NUIT BLANCHE WINNIPEG

On Sept. 28, coinciding with Culture Days, Winnipeg’s private and public art galleries—as well as other cultural institutions and installations in public spaces—will open to the public, and encourage viewers to hop from one spot to another, to take in as much art as possible. This event is called NUIT BLANCHE WINNIPEG, and festivities start […]

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Little Girl/Ugly Girl/Not Bad/Just Evil Girl by Ariel Smith, 2010

Growling beasts and satin sheets

Ariel Smith interrogates girlhood with Little Girl/Ugly Girl/Not Bad/Just Evil Girl

The body of a girl has come to symbolize so much in our culture that it can sometimes be hard to explain what inhabiting that body can feel like. It can be a mess of contradictions, the internalized chaos that is created by mixed messages of purity and filth. The current exhibition Little Girl/Ugly Girl/Not […]

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A prophecy of decay

Review: Swarm by Lauren Carter

Ontarian-turned-Manitoban Lauren Carter has written for literary journals and newspapers such as Prairie Fire and the Globe and Mail, and released her poetry collection, Lichen Bright, in 2005. Swarm—Carter’s first novel, released this month—divides its narrative evenly between two timelines titled “island” and “city.” “Island” takes place in the story’s present, and “city” precedes “island” […]

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Duncan and Dale photo by Margaret Brook

Shepherds, weavers, knitters, spinners, and dyers

Fibre enthusiasts and artisans gather for the first annual Manitoba Fibre Festival

This Saturday, knitters, weavers, dyers, spinners, and shepherds, and other fibre craftspeople and artisans will be coming together for the first annual Manitoba Fibre Festival at  St. Norbert Community Centre, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. As part of Culture Days, this event is free and open to the public, and promises to offer a […]

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Photo by Kelly Campbell

Tequila, bonfires, and magic marker tattoos

The 12th annual Harvest Moon Festival in review

From Friday, Sept. 13 until Sept. 15, the 12th annual Harvest Moon festival was held in Clearwater, Manitoba. It was my first time going and I left for the festival on Friday afternoon with my tent, sleeping bag, and a bottle of tequila – as a volunteer, I was to receive free meals all weekend. […]

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