A puppeteer’s journey

Once in a while long forgotten childhood memories resurface and we get that warm, bubbly feeling that comes with fond reminiscence. Being Elmo brought back that childhood magic for me. The second the Sesame Street theme song started playing, as soon as I heard Elmo’s high pitched giggle, I was transported back to a simpler […]

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Foote loose: U of M press in search of missing photographs

The University of Manitoba Press is urging Manitobans to go through their attics and albums in search of lost photos — lost Foote photos, to be precise. The U of M Press plans to publish a book this fall celebrating the work of Winnipeg’s most famous photographer, Lewis Benjamin Foote. Of the many photos Foote […]

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Not serious

Hello! Welcome! Have you played video games in your life? Probably. Have you played video games recently? Maybe not, but chances are, yes. We live in a world where over 10 billion quarters have been spent in arcades playing Pacman. We live in a world where Angry Birds has been downloaded over 500 million times, […]

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Indie Game movie goes big

It’s always exciting when somebody from Winnipeg makes it big. As far as cities go Winnipeg is cold, flat and so humble we are underrated by default. So when Winnipeg filmmakers go to the Sundance Film Festival (arguably one of the biggest film festivals in the world), it’s something we are all invited — compelled […]

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Ten great things

A good veggie burger is crucial to the survival of any non-meat-eater. It can also be a delicious alternative to the repetitive “I would like a burger n’ fries please” for those of us who usually prefer beef. There are killer vegetarian burgers all across Winnipeg, for almost every suppertime scenario. By no means exhaustive, the […]

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listening in

The latest from the critically lauded Gorillaz — a collection of singles spanning the group’s career, dating from 2001 to 2011 — provides a set of self-confident songs from the band’s rich catalogue. After the breakup of the successful Brit-pop band Blur (most notable for their hit “Song 2”), lead singer Damon Albarn, with the […]

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More than fine cuisine

Absolutely anything can be an art. Whether it is carpentry, writing or public speaking, every medium has the potential to foster a fantastic work. In A Matter of Taste, the medium in question is food and the artist under the microscope is Paul Liebrandt. The youngest chef ever to receive three stars in a New […]

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