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Sophomore Lytics album to be released this October

It’s been a couple years since the debut of the Lytics’ self-titled EP, but the wait is almost over. The popular Winnipeg hip-hop group will soon be following up with their full sophomore album, They Told Me, which will be released this October. The Lytics—comprised of brothers Andrew, Alex, and Anthony Sannie, along with cousin […]

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arts_indian city

Concert Review: Indian City

The West End Cultural Centre is well-known for its awesome live shows. One of the latest acts, Indian City, was no exception. Indian City is a recently formed 10-piece super group that consists of Vince Fontaine, Pamela Davis, William Prince, Neewa Mason, Tik Mason, Don Amero, Marty Chapman, Gerry Atwell, Ray Stevenson, and Buffy Handel. […]

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Rainbow Trout Music Festival and Fishing Derby

Nestled about 10 kilometers off Highway 59 lies land on the Roseau River that for 362 days of the year functions as a heritage campsite, developed and run by the passion of Georges Beaudry. The other three days of the year, amongst the artifacts and the natural beauty, it hosts Manitoba’s scrappiest music festival and […]

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Arts & Culture -young artist project_aug22_barsy

The Young Artists Project

Over the summer, North Point Douglas has benefited from the efforts of a collaborative project with impressive results. Michaëlle Jean Park, home to a large-scale, wood-fried outdoor community oven — the first of its kind in Winnipeg — was officially unveiled last Sunday. The oven features the hard work of emerging artists from the Young […]

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Arts & Culture -chesterfield_aug22_scott leroux

Chesterfield Presents…

“Curate is such a buzz word,” says Elise Dawson, a recent graduate from the University of Manitoba’s School of Fine Art. “People curate their clothing, their wine choices, ad they curate their Tumblrs. Certainly, soliciting submissions and organizing them is a curatorial effort. It’s what we have been doing since the beginning of Chesterfield, but […]

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Arts & Culture -Chris Walter

SNFU: What No One Else Wanted to Say

“My dog likes to shit. My dog likes to shit. My dog likes to shit on the radio. I’ll sell it to the record stores; watch the kids are saying cry for more. Stupid sellout fucking whores.” So crows Trouser Mouth about generic music found on the radio. Seminal Vancouver Punk band SNFU, who have […]

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Photo by Magnus Manske

Breakfast around the world

Andrew McMonagle and Leif Norman are setting out to broaden their palatal horizons. Since 2007, the pair have visited 163 restaurants across Winnipeg and reviewed them on their website, aptly named What originally started out as a joke between the writer-photographer duo has since grown into a widespread review resource for all things breakfast. […]

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The Ocean that rocked the boat

During the first week of July, two high-profile figures in the public eye revealed they are either gay or have been in a same-sex relationship. However, they could not have been more different. One was Anderson Cooper, CNN news anchor and talk show host, whose coming out was more of a formality. The other celebrity […]

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