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Try to get out alive

The concept behind the escape room is simple. Locked in a room, your group must uncover clues to solve puzzles and codes while racing against…

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Misc. circles

Songwriting is not an easy process. Obtaining the necessary levels of musicality, rhythm, and sincerity in a song requires patience. This often leads to tedious…

Photo by Lauren Siddall.

Handmade with love

Finding work in the creative field is hard; working freelance jobs in between shifts at various establishments in order to scrape together a livable wage…

Photo provided by the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Cannes of commercial creativity

Thirty-second commercials fracturing your favourite sitcom may not spark your imagination. However, this does not mean aesthetically-driven commercials are completely absent from television. In hopes…

Photo by Alana Trachenko.

Adapting and captivating

Winnipeg Art Gallery’s new exhibit, Arctic Adaptations, is receiving well-earned attention. The gallery’s director, Stephen Borys, continues to outdo himself in his choice of exhibits,…

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Get Hard

The desire for money is strong, often leading to illegal activity, or alleged illegal activity in the case of Millionaire James King in the new…

Photo by Renata Raksha.

Purity Ring switches focus

Purity Ring’s new album, Another Eternity, is an evolution for the Edmonton-based group. The songs retain the full-bodied sound despite being performed by a duo….

Photo by Lauren Siddall.

Attention pizza lovers

In December, Winnipeg welcomed Vera Pizzeria, a brand new pizza place in south Osborne. The restaurant, at 670 Osborne Avenue, features a selection of Neapolitan-style…

Graphic by Aldo Rios.

Lost Luggage

The event of travelling is a distinctive concept with many different variables. A unique story may arrive as one enters the airport, when one reaches…