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Photo provided by Zephyra Vun.

Community Profile: Zephyra Vun

  Zephyra Vun is an ambassador for accessible design. After attending the U of M from 2005-2011, Vun graduated with her bachelor’s in environmental design…

Graphic by Jondell Coombs.

Felines need financing

As of Nov. 9, local animal shelter Craig Street Cats (CSC) has paid its outstanding bills. Lynne Scott, executive director and founder of the organization,…

Graphic by Justin Ladia.

Room for breakthrough

The recently released Canadian-Irish movie Room provides a gripping experience for its audience. This is primarily down to Irish director Lenny Abrahamson and the excellent…

Photo provided by Alexa Potashnik.

Consent culture caucus

The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association and the Canadian Federation of Students, in coordination with their Consent is Mandatory campaign, will be hosting a panel…

Jessica Jones. Graphic by Bram Keast.

Jessica Jones: darker than Daredevil

On Friday, Nov. 20, the first season of Jessica Jones (based on the comic book character of the same name), a Netflix original series, debuted on the streaming service. However, it doesn’t really feel like the Marvel Television product it is.

Photo by Lauren Siddall.

Drink up

Although the days of bootleggers and rum-running are long over, Prohibition-inspired restaurants have recently gained traction in the culinary world, with restaurants in New York,…

Photo by Olivia Michalczuk.

History made by hand

The University of Manitoba’s School of Art Gallery has been transformed once again, with quote-littered walls and a variety of ceramics balanced atop minimalist stands….

Photo by Dwayne Larson Photography.

A hunk of comedy

Sketch comedy group H.U.N.K.S. began performing in early 2015 and is set to perform their fifth original show on Nov. 19 at the Park Theatre….

Photo provided by Sound Strategy Music.

Sweeter, soothing sounds

The West End Cultural Centre will reverberate with an enchanting sonic wave on Friday, Nov. 20. Such is the effect of the music on Sweet…

Graphic by Jondell Coombs.

Spectre’s got style

Since Daniel Craig first took up the role of James Bond nine years ago in Casino Royale, each 007 film featuring Craig has had a…