Cat collage by Julian Kirchmann

De-stigmatizing through creation

CreComm student partners with Artbeat Studio to host 24-hour Art-a-thon fundraiser

Detach the stigma associated with mental illness: for organizers and participating artists in an upcoming fundraiser, this is a core imperative. Starting Feb. 6 at 5 p.m., seven alumni from Artbeat Studio’s residency program will take part in the 24-hour Art-a-thon. Artbeat, partnered with Red River College student Rebecca Henderson, offers studio space for six-month […]

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Photo by BeiBei Lu

Ninjas, goddesses, industrial landscapes, and pop art

Celebrating Abilities: presented by UMSU’s Gallery of Student Art and Student Accessibility Services

A powerful, crazed, manga ninja. A self-portrait eyeing handwritten pages of personal thought. A short video shot in the wilderness followed by one filmed in an institutional corridor. An elegantly chic, gender-bending pop art portrait. A small, votive painting in purple and gold with waves undulating around a goddess. This collection of artwork came together from […]

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Photo by Handout

Storytelling in the Park

The Park Theatre and UMFM present a brand-new way to share stories with a live audience

Winnipeg is about to become the birthplace of a new format for live storytelling that will broadcast over the airwaves. Tales are told together, recorded, and repeated on radio. You may have heard wonderful story-based radio shows on CBC Radio such as the Vinyl Cafe, WireTap, Public Radio Exchange’s Moth Radio Hour, and Chicago radio […]

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arts_Sibyl_Photo provided by Sibyl_15jan2014

“Find escape in music / That no one can defeat”

Review: Sybil’s debut EP Basement Sounds

I would expect an EP with the word “Basement” in the title, recorded by the band members themselves, to be a sparse sketch of a few songs. But the title, I soon learned, was referring elsewhere, and the instrumentation on Sybil’s five debut tracks is lush and well-rounded without going overboard. The EP opens on a […]

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Going Deep with Jodie Layne

New Year’s sex resolutions

I generally think resolutions are stupid: we all pledge some variation of the same vague things we think we should be doing to be a more acceptable version of a human being. We’re going to “eat better,” “work out more,” “do better at school,” and “be a better girlfriend/boyfriend/partner.” Sure, these are okay things to wish […]

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Photo by Duncan McNairnay

Staying cool, Winnipeg style

While we may gripe and grumble about the weather, most Winnipeggers pride themselves for surviving the bite of winter with a sly smirk. How else could a city that spends 113 days of the year below freezing be crowned Slurpee capital of the world 14 years in a row? This Winnipeg spirit is celebrated every […]

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You are cordially invited… an arcade-style 1,000,051st birthday party

Mid-January is not well-known as a holiday season, unless your friend circle has a robust crop of January birthdays. But there is one very significant birthday coming up, a birthday that deserves celebration by one and all – a birthday that has inspired festivities all across the globe. Mark your calendars: Jan. 17 is Art’s […]

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Under the moon of winter are living stories

Neechi Commons and the Millenium Library present Manidoo-Kiizis/Kinepisim Manitoba Indigenous Writers Festival

January is the time to tell stories. Taking a page from the national traditions of Cree and Anishinaabe culture, the local Indigenous Writers Collective (IWC), in participation with the Winnipeg Public Library and the department of native studies at the University of Manitoba, presents Manidoo-Giizis/Kinepisim Manitoba Indigenous Writers Festival 2014. The title of the event […]

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The Good, The Bad, and the Critic

Film review: Mon Oncle Antoine and When Jews Were Funny

Mon Oncle Antoine  Canada produces many quality pictures and Mon oncle Antoine has ranked first on the list of Top 10 Canadian Films of All Time, three decades in a row, by a poll held every decade at the Toronto International Film Festival. Claude Jutra’s adolescent melodrama is set in a cold rural mining town […]

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arts_locals to look out for_The Psychics_08jan2013

Locals to look out for

Top local bands of 2013

I hate year-end lists. The past is irrelevant and the future is everything. So, flying in the face of that hatred, let’s cherry pick the bands that I’ve written about over the last year who are destined for greatness in 2014. The Psychics – Space rangers and aliens of all shapes and sizes better prepare themselves […]

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