Photo by Duncan McNairnay

Staying cool, Winnipeg style

While we may gripe and grumble about the weather, most Winnipeggers pride themselves for surviving the bite of winter with a sly smirk. How else could a city that spends 113 days of the year below freezing be crowned Slurpee capital of the world 14 years in a row? This Winnipeg spirit is celebrated every […]

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You are cordially invited… an arcade-style 1,000,051st birthday party

Mid-January is not well-known as a holiday season, unless your friend circle has a robust crop of January birthdays. But there is one very significant birthday coming up, a birthday that deserves celebration by one and all – a birthday that has inspired festivities all across the globe. Mark your calendars: Jan. 17 is Art’s […]

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Under the moon of winter are living stories

Neechi Commons and the Millenium Library present Manidoo-Kiizis/Kinepisim Manitoba Indigenous Writers Festival

January is the time to tell stories. Taking a page from the national traditions of Cree and Anishinaabe culture, the local Indigenous Writers Collective (IWC), in participation with the Winnipeg Public Library and the department of native studies at the University of Manitoba, presents Manidoo-Giizis/Kinepisim Manitoba Indigenous Writers Festival 2014. The title of the event […]

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The Good, The Bad, and the Critic

Film review: Mon Oncle Antoine and When Jews Were Funny

Mon Oncle Antoine  Canada produces many quality pictures and Mon oncle Antoine has ranked first on the list of Top 10 Canadian Films of All Time, three decades in a row, by a poll held every decade at the Toronto International Film Festival. Claude Jutra’s adolescent melodrama is set in a cold rural mining town […]

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arts_locals to look out for_The Psychics_08jan2013

Locals to look out for

Top local bands of 2013

I hate year-end lists. The past is irrelevant and the future is everything. So, flying in the face of that hatred, let’s cherry pick the bands that I’ve written about over the last year who are destined for greatness in 2014. The Psychics – Space rangers and aliens of all shapes and sizes better prepare themselves […]

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Photo by Colin Swan

Top films of 2013

10 movies to help you get through the rest of winter

The Great Beauty Paolo Sorrentino’s surreal masterpiece is as close to a Federico Fellini flick as any modern filmmaker can get; for that he should be commended. The Wolf of Wall Street A tale of depravity, decadence, and debauchery; Martin Scorsese’s newest picture is his greatest, and most controversial, since his gangster epic Goodfellas. 12 […]

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Winnipeg teens’ amazing achievements in 2013

6 impressive young people

Search online about teens in Winnipeg and most of the results suggest that young people are constantly on their worst behaviour. Such a cursory view ignores exquisite talents and successes of teens in this city. The following review of five great achievements of young people in Winnipeg during 2013 suggests that there is much more […]

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arts_top DIY makers of 2013_Photo provided by Just the Goods_08jan2014

Local makers

5 makers who made my life better

Just the Goods It’s rare to find a skin care line that doesn’t market based on gender or through pointing out made-up flaws. The products offered by Just the Goods are pared down where they need to be—in external glitz and lofty promises—leaving just what is needed, often with a sweet-smelling flourish. I use the […]

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arts_Compendium Artist Market_08jan2013

New creative hub for the New Year

Compendium Artist Market set to open in April 2014

If all goes according to plan, 2014 will mark the fruition of a dream eight years in the making, and the conclusion of over three years of dogged determination. This April, Ryan Poworoznik hopes to hold the grand opening for the Compendium Artist Market at 564 1/2 Main Street. While he had long held the […]

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Photo by Paul Zacharias

The opposite of Canada’s newest national museum?

Art gallery Zsa Zsa West showcases Study for the Canadian Museum of Human Wrongs by Paul Zacharias

Eight months before the grand opening of the controversial Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), a small and heroic venture in Winnipeg’s Chinatown presents an exhibition addressing the difficulties in such an endeavour. The place is Zsa Zsa West, run by Andrew Harwood, a student at the University of Manitoba completing a master’s degree in […]

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