Illustration by Caroline Norman

The 10 commandments of exam week

Steps to success during hell week

1. Thou shalt not leave studying to the last minute. Although getting a good sleep is better for your memory than an all-night cram session, neither is going to do you any good if you don’t know the material. It’s a simple concept – make studying a priority earlier than you think you need to, […]

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Photo by Christian Worthington

Beauty without a challenge

Gurevich Fine Art hosts Christian Worthington’s exhibit Three

“Art has to relate to the world, and people are fucking exhausted.” Christian Worthington, a Winnipeg painter of works at once abstract and classical, does not demand that viewers reform their sensibilities. “Some artists would like it if they were told their work challenges people [ . . . ] I want art to be […]

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Clothe the City Donate Poster 2013-1

Ease the chill of winter

Clothe the City urges Winnipeggers to “give the gift of warmth” to those in need

Now that we have a decent layer of snow on the ground, it’s clear that winter is really here. The season brings a laundry list of pet peeves—the obstacle course of sidewalks, irregular buses, perilous street conditions—but beyond inconveniences, the real demand levied by winter is to stay warm. But what about those who don’t […]

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Family Affair

‘An honest, fun, and raw show’

Toronto comics come to Winnipeg’s Park Theatre

If you take four Toronto stand-up comedians—Dave Merheje, Aisha Alfa, Garrett Jamieson, and Ben Beauchemin, three of whom are former Winnipeggers—put them at the Park Theatre, and add one Winnipeg comic to host (Chantel Marostica), you’ll get Family Affair: Holiday Edition. Family Affair is Dave Merheje’s one-man show, and was part of the Just for […]

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Photo by Kara Passey

Nudes vs. Porn

The double-edged sword of sharing artistic nudes on the Internet

I am a fat, queer artist who makes art involving my naked body and the naked bodies of others. This territory wields a double-edged sword: While my work gives a lot of love and attention to “unconventional” bodies, and provides those seeking acceptance with support, I haven’t mastered the art of protecting it from those […]

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Photo by Andrew Pelling

Together, science and art address our planetary psychopathology

Winnipeg hosts the inaugural bioart exhibition of Toxicity

This December, Winnipeg will host the premiere of an arts and sciences exhibition that will travel to many other countries. The exhibition, Toxicity, spawned from the academic work of Dr. Melentie Pandilovski and Dr. Jennifer Willet. Pandilovski is the director of Video Pool Media Arts Centre in Winnipeg and Willet is the director of INCUBATOR: […]

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Seeing beyond what you see

Artist Philippe Hamelin showcases his exhibition, Feu Mirabel, for the first time

Artist Philippe Hamelin moves audiences beyond their field of vision. He understands the concept of hors champ (French for “outside the field”) to be more than what happens beyond the camera lens. “Often, I’ll leave hints for some facts, but I’ll also leave the door open for interpretation and I’ll mix reality and lies,” says […]

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Photo by Amanda Furst

Kicking down stereotypes

Seeing the light in the “dark” continent

Coming up at the end of November, Winnipeg-based non-profit organization Growing Opportunities International (GO!) will be hosting their fourth annual Listen Local! Grow Global! benefit concert at the West End Cultural Centre. Founded by Amanda Furst and Amanda LaBoucane, the GO! organization works with individuals living in rural communities in developing nations to motivate them […]

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arts_cockroach zine launch poster_27nov2013

A Cockroach for one and all

Zine launch party includes and invites all to learn about feminist and environmentalist issues

A cockroach may seem like an odd source of inspiration, given their reputation as pests. Meg Crane saw an ally in the lowly roach, and took its name for her zine, which will be launching on Nov. 30. Cockroach zine is dedicated to both the feminist and environmentalist movements, who—according to Crane—share some surprising similarities with […]

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Photo by Dr. Roewan Crowe

A space to practise revolution

Finding intervention, dialogue, and discomfort at Mapa Corpo 3.0

At the very least, performance art creates a space of risk-taking, and at best, it sets the stage for a possible transformation. On Nov. 8, dozens of people came together at Urban Shaman Gallery to experience a performance piece called Mapa Corpo 3.0. “The approaches of performance art, live art, action art provide an untamed, […]

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