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Winnipeg mayoral candidate Robert-Falcon Ouellette says the city could stand to benefit from experimenting with an alternative voting system such as ranked ballots.

Ouellette weighs in on ranked ballot system

Winnipeg mayoral candidate voices support for alternative voting system

Robert-Falcon Ouellette has come out in support of ranked ballots as an alternative to first-past-the-post for future Winnipeg elections. Mayoral candidates on rapid transit, value of post-secondary education Municipal election draws big names for open St. Norbert seat Removing barriers to fair elections in Winnipeg In an interview with the Manitoban Tuesday Ouellette voiced his support […]

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The Manitoban recently interviewed five of the seven candidates running to be Winnipeg's next mayor regarding issues that are important to  university and college students in the city.

Mayoral candidates talk transit, education in lead up to Winnipeg election

Bowman, Ouellette, Wasylycia-Leis, Havixbeck, Sanders share views on BRT, U-Pass, post-secondary school

During the lead-up to the run for mayor in the Winnipeg election, the Manitoban attended various forums and sought out each of the mayoral candidates. Municipal election draws big names for open St. Norbert seat Removing barriers to fair elections in Winnipeg Each of the candidates who were available for interview was asked three to […]

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Photo by Beibei Lu

UMSU launches ‘UM for U’ campaigns

Innovative campaigns to address sexual assault, food options, and mental health on campus

This past Thursday morning at Degrees Restaurant marked the launch of new campaigns aimed at addressing topics that UMSU identified as students’ top concerns on the University of Manitoba campus. The campaign will be branded as “UM for U” and will branch out into three separate campaigns covering sexual assault, food options, and mental health. […]

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Photo by Ccyyrree

Winnipeg election draws big names for open St. Norbert seat

Three candidates want your vote to represent University of Manitoba area at city hall

The University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus is situated along the north end of St. Norbert ward, meaning many students living in residence and close to campus will have the opportunity to vote for a councillor to represent them at city hall. Incumbent candidates are notoriously hard to unseat and with the current city councillor, […]

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Cover image provided by Penguin Random House

Cover to cover with Carlyn

Adult Onset, by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Adult Onset is Toronto writer and actor Ann-Marie MacDonald’s first book in 11 years. Her previous works include the play Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) and the novels Fall on Your Knees and The Way the Crow Flies. Art imitates life in Adult Onset: protagonist Mary Rose is a successful young adult novelist, and her younger […]

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Graphic by Keegan Steele

Adapting to Winnipeg with art

U of M international students invited to group workshop series

The University of Manitoba wants to help international students ease their adjustment to our frigid city through a group workshop series titled Creative Group Workshop for International Students Adapting to Winnipeg and University Life. For the vast majority of us local Winnipeggers, deciphering the Confusion Corner sign, yelling “True North” at the top of our […]

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Photo by Mike Latschislaw

Slow Leaves: Beauty Is So Common

New folk album explores the passing of time

Slow Leaves’ newest album Beauty Is So Common will have you tapping your feet and humming along to the simple, catchy guitar rhythms, and contemplating your next steps – literally and figuratively. Slow Leaves is Winnipegger Grant Davidson. A guitar player since age 15, Davidson floated between a musical and a conventional career before quitting […]

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Hilary Grist. Photo by Jennifer Picard.

Hilary Grist: Come & Go

Ghostly vocals, dense emotions

It is such a rarity to come across a robust, cohesive album – one in which each song truly sounds like it has been handpicked and nurtured by the artist. Canadian singer-songwriter Hilary Grist’s enchanting alt pop album, Come & Go, is one such anomaly. Come & Go is the Vancouver-based artist’s second full-length record, […]

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Photo Credit Matt Duboff. 
New mayor and new city management offer new hope on the horizon for Winnipeg.

Human rights and wrongs

Museum opening prompts questions about human rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), which is now open for business, has been controversial for a number of reasons, including the museum’s treatment of issues relating to First Nations people, the handling of archaeological digs at the site, the fact that many of the exhibits still have not opened, and the sheer cost […]

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The Deciding Vote. Graphic by Evan Tremblay

Removing barriers to fair elections in Winnipeg

A chance to change how we do politics

What sets municipal elections apart from those at other levels of government is that candidates are less constrained to toeing the party line. Municipal elections give an opportunity to bring forth creative ideas in a way that other levels of government don’t. While the party structure’s influence on the provincial and federal levels of Canadian […]

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