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Credit: Dr. Tapash Chakraborty

Fractal butterflies

Research with graphene helps reveal unique phenomenon for the first time

Tapash Chakraborty is a Tier-I Canada research chair in nanoscale physics, and a physics and astronomy professor at the University of Manitoba. His students are doing research into fractal butterflies – a mathematical phenomenon expected with the behaviour of electrons in periodic lattice and a magnetic field. This phenomenon resembles the shape of butterflies, being […]

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Isaac Newton’s genius still meaningful today

Newton’s contributions have been influential for many years in many disciplines

Isaac Newton’s fundamental work on motion and gravity may have been challenged by Einstein’s theories in the early 20th century; but the ideas and mathematical foundations laid out in Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica,more commonly known as the Principia, are still relevant. Most recently, in the European Space Agency’s mission to deploy the Philae lander on […]

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A wake-up call for the best country in the world

Canadians are fortunate to be safe from terrorism

In October, a disturbed and radicalized Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot Cpl. Nathan Cirillo in cold blood while the reservist stood on guard at the National War Memorial, a symbol honouring the men and women who have fallen for Canadian freedom. Zehaf-Bibeau proceeded to hijack a ministerial car and charge the steps of Parliament, possibly with the […]

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Effects of oral contraceptives on the brain

A recently published study suggests oral contraceptives may have an effect on face recognition

Oral contraceptive pills were first produced in the United States in the 60s, revolutionizing sexual health for women all over the world. Millions of women around the world use hormonal methods of contraception, but effects of the use of these medications are still being investigated. Recently, researchers in Austria found a possible link between brain […]

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Graphic by Justin Ladia

What holiday season?

Generalizing about the holidays trivializes other cultures

As we begin to set up our non-denominational holiday trees and paint the words “season’s greetings” in our windows, we are about to be inundated with tiresome arguments about the secularization of the holiday season – why it’s a terrible thing that must be stopped, and why it’s a great example of the progress made […]

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Ian T.D. Thomson (left) and Dr. Michael Ellis (right). Photo credit: Jeremiah Yarmie

MedTalks the talk

A lecture series shedding light on life as a medical doctor

Do you want to be a physician? Chances are the thought has crossed your mind at one point in your life. The University of Manitoba Science Students’ Association (SSA) is endeavouring to shed light on what life as a medical doctor is like through the MedTalks: Student Edition lecture series. The series is developed by […]

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Graphic by Kailey Trevithick.

Feminism: the new F word

Misconception of a movement toward equality

The idea of feminism has been a dominating theme in media and conversation this year. From Rosetta physicist Matt Taylor’s infamous shirt splattered with bodacious women, to Time magazine’s placement of the word “feminist” on their “which word should be banned in 2015” list, to numerous female celebrities outwardly stating their disapproval of the movement, […]

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Winter Folk Fest

Escape the deep freeze with an afternoon of great music

In the midst of the mid-winter blues, when thoughts of a warm summer afternoon seem to be only a faint memory—when shoveling, hibernating, and studying become all too familiar—hope exists. This much-needed silver lining can be found in a music-filled retreat from the “big city” of Winnipeg to a festival designed to warm the bodies […]

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Photo provided by Ian Smart Photography.

Not so silent nights: holiday music events

Three holiday musical events to carry you into the New Year

With the holidays quickly approaching along with the obligations they entail, tracking down good musical events can be a daunting task. Here are three holiday musical events that will make the search easier and tide you over until 2015.   The Bison Men’s Chorus Annual Christmas Concert On Dec. 14, the University of Manitoba Bison Men’s […]

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