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Photo Credit Kira Koop

Gallery of Student Art hit hard by cutbacks

Budget cuts to UMSU student services leaves future of GoSA uncertain

Artists and students (financially burdened or otherwise) are among those most impacted by the UMSU executive’s decisions to cut financial support for the Gallery of Student Art and other UMSU student services. Co-ordinator of the Gallery of Student Art (GoSA) Kira Koop told the Manitoban last month that she was advised her position was being […]

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Photo provided by bison sports

Just for kicks

A look at the 2014 edition of Bison soccer

The University of Manitoba Bison women’s soccer team begin their 10th season in CIS action in 2014, poised and ready to improve off of a 1-7-4 record in 2013. They will have their fair share of youth coming through the program this year, with 19 rookies looking to make an impact and earn a significant […]

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Running with the herd

Staying focused once school starts

Well, it’s that time of year again! The summer has come and gone in a flash, and the dreaded first week of school is upon us. While it’s really easy to get absorbed in your schoolwork in an attempt to stay on top of things, your exercise levels have a tendency to crash and burn. […]

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Photo provided by bison sports

Wielding the iron

Getting to know Manitoba Bison golf captain Josh Wytinck

Golf runs through Josh Wytinck’s blood. He grew up with it, and has been playing the game since he was five years old. The native of Glenboro, Man. still remembers playing weekend mornings back at home with his dad, brother, and late grandfather, where he had some of his fondest memories of the game. “From […]

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photo provided by Carolyne Kroeker

Sports opinion: Step up the sanctions

On Thursday, Aug. 28, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) announced that former University of Manitoba Bison football player Ranji Atwall had tested positive for anabolic steroids. The offence occurred at the 2014 CFL Regional Combine in Edmonton, and Atwall was promptly handed a four-year ban from the CIS. While Atwall’s PED use […]

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Honey Time, Face Time, and Tea Time. Photo by Katy MacKinnon.

Make Time

Local entrepreneur hits Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

At a time when the words “organic” and “raw” are a growing trend, Jasmine Lozenski’s homemade skin care products are much sought after. Make Time, a label that stirs thoughts of slowing down for some self-care, recently debuted as an official product sponsor of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Make Time got its start when Lozenski […]

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Photo by Rama, published under the following licence:  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 France license.

If a wheel is placed in the wild, will the mice run?

An investigation of wheel running as a captive behaviour in lab mice

When a mouse is placed in a cage with a wheel, why does it choose to run? Does the mouse enjoy running, and do so unconditionally? Or is this running a habituated or stereotyped activity that it develops in captivity? Does the mouse run because there is simply nothing better to do? Are they just […]

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Photo by Jesse Riley

Cockroach zine fair

Live music, vegan baking, and workshops for the crafty type

Local feminist and environmentalist publication Cockroach zine will be hosting a zine fair on Sept. 20-21 at Frame Arts Warehouse. Cockroach zine was created by Meg Crane, when she found a lack of lighthearted feminist magazines in Canada. “Some of the issues covered are pretty serious, difficult things, but I try to put a positive […]

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Nathan Steele and Colby Charles. Photo provided by My Farmers' Market.

My Farmers’ Market

Online grocer brings fresh produce to your door

With school beginning and assignments already piling up, the last thing you want to do is spend what little free time you have on grocery shopping. My Farmers’ Market, an online grocery and delivery service, can save you time by bringing fresh, local food right to your dorm. The idea for My Farmers’ Market was […]

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