Quincy Houdayer

UMGSA issues apology, announces runoff election

After an election that sparked controversy due to allegations of misconduct, the U of M graduate students’ association (UMGSA) council has issued an apology and announced a runoff election for one position.

Controversial UMGSA election unratified

A controversial University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association (UMGSA) 2019 executive election is headed to a run-off vote after two candidates for vice-president services and support (VPSS) finished in a dead tie and a handful of appeals — including one each against the CRO and uncontested returning president Carl Neumann — have been filed. 

UMSU polling referendum interest

In its ongoing bid to leave the Canadian Federation of Students, UMSU has set up a website encouraging students to “demand better” use of their fees.

UMISA says executive ‘co-opted’ Indigenous initiatives

Several members of the University of Manitoba Indigenous Students’ Association (UMISA) have accused the recently-elected Your UMSU slate of “co-opting” Indigenous initiatives without giving proper credit to the Indigenous students and faculty who founded them.