I did not want to write this

I did not want to write this. The first draft was a rant, an unmitigated calling out of the administrators of various organizations in the University of Manitoba community. The second was a cold, exacting news-like piece. A tally of jigsawed happenings, a picture of a university in turmoil. The third was a simpering love […]

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Graphic by Bram Keast

True North deserves a shout out, but not during the anthem

Disruption of the anthem symbolizes disrespect for Canada

Canada’s national anthem can be heard at every game the Winnipeg Jets play. At home, and sometimes away, crowds full of enthusiastic fans shout “True North” much louder than they sing the rest of the words. This is followed by cheering. The “Shout out” is intended to acknowledge the contribution of True North Sports and […]

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Introduction to the October 8 mental illness awareness feature

A call for communication

It is Mental Illness Awareness Week. It is likely that you have been touched by mental illness, be it directly or through the suffering of friends and family. Being aware, however, is not a matter of having something affect us. It is a matter of keeping knowledge present in our day-to-day activities and decision-making. That […]

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Photo by Carolyne Kroeker

Your school

As the semester progresses, you will find yourself settling into new routines. Your schedule will become a familiar pattern and you may be tempted to remain in the comfort of established habits and in the company of established friends. It is easy to fall into the trap of envisioning a class as only a grade, […]

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Intro to the Out and About feature

This issue contains articles that touch on far-reaching topics. We have pieces exploring various genders and sexual identities. We have allowed no space for those arguing for the validity of binaries. We have an exploration of the asterisk from an editor of Outwords magazine. We have allies writing about being allies and fans writing about […]

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election turnout graph

What’s one vote worth?

What is your vote worth in the UMSU election? Is it worth voting at all? The answer to the former is crucial to addressing the latter. After all, as every student knows, time is precious while many of the issues dealt with by the elected representatives of U of M students bear an, at best, […]

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Graphic by Fraser Nelund

Introduction to the Ethical Consumption feature

The term “ethical consumer” grew into Western culture in the late 1980s – it was the title of a British magazine. The idea of support being rendered and distaste being expressed through purchasing habits is far older. Currently the concept of ethical consumption is growing in scope, as large corporations scramble to express their social […]

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Under the fur and skin

Telesky Taxidermy and my trip to their basement

The scent of meat is great, when the meat is cold or cooked. When the flesh is warm and raw I experience a heady high, my body telling me something of import is occurring. Or maybe it was the lingering pheromones of an apex predator, triggering my flight and more flight response. Whatever the cause […]

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Wooden expressions

Faces in the forest

There’s a different kind of scary – a fearsome that comes not in the frightful facts of a moment, but through turning our gaze into the vastest of any unknowns, the future. There is a complementary terror, also rooted in the certitude of decay rather than the chaos of violence. The past lines our faces […]

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Unlimited gags at Gags Unlimited

Balloons, and costumes, and props, oh my!

In my quest for scary I visited a store that elevates hauntings and transformations to a professional level. Though open year-round for the party needs of any season, Gags Unlimited is a superb source for scarifying when the spookiest time of year looms implacably on the calendar. The business began with the selling of balloons […]

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