Brian Pallister wins second term as Manitoba’s premier

Election called over a year early gives PCs another majority government

Brian Pallister’s Progressive Conservatives have clinched a second term as majority government in Manitoba.

The polls for the 42nd provincial election closed 8 p.m. Tuesday. The election was called over a year early and launched in August. The PCs obtained the largest majority in over a century in 2016 after winning 40 out of 57 seats. This year, the gap is expected to be slightly smaller, with a projected 36 seats for the PCs, 18 for the NDP, three for the Liberal Party and no Green Party seats.

Pallister was largely absent from public appearances during the campaign period — he only attended one leaders’ debate — but polls consistently pointed to a PC advantage.

While the NDP kept their focus on reversing healthcare cuts during election season, the PCs instead pitched the PCs to voters on the promise of budget balancing and fighting the carbon tax.

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