Break the ace

Magic club at the University of Manitoba created to improve social skills

University of Manitoba’s very own magician Wyatt Mak.

University of Manitoba student Wyatt Mak is starting a club that uses magic and illusions as an unconventional vehicle for practicing social skills.

The groups name, Attraction, is derived from the title of the book Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t. He chose the name because magic helped him accomplish his goal of having a better and more successful life, something he learned from the book.

Though magic may seem like an unusual way to practice social skills, Mak claims it is a great way to put yourself out there and face your fears.

“The point of the club is self-development because magic is not only just doing tricks, it’s actually approaching something that you fear, like approaching people in the street […] one of the most important things is [to] get out of your comfort zone,” he said.

Mak started practising magic when he was 14, a period of time in his life when he was depressed. Magic gave him the ability to believe in himself and have hope for the future.

Magic has not only helped him with social skills but has also offered him the opportunity to perform in Winnipeg as part of the duo Jack of Ace Magic. Mak, with fellow magician Jason Fiola, opened for musicians Black Cloud at The Handsome Daughter last November. Black Cloud’s bassist, Grant Danyluk, booked them for the show because it was two of his bandmates’ birthdays, and he wanted it to feel more like a birthday party. “The magicians were fantastic and having them perform before the bands was a great way to get people out to the show early and have a more varied show in terms of entertainment,” he said.

Mak stressed that when he does magic he is not trying to sell his skills to anyone but rather just make a connection, and maybe even a friend. His focus is on developing social skills while still having fun.

“You come to me [or] I come to you, we chill together, and then we make [a] connection at the same time, and then I have more friends,” he said.

“Doing magic is everything, have fun, meet people, that is one thing I like, it’s all about the connection.”


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