RE: Give us a break

As a campus, we should be encouraging what we have for fan support already

I’m also not a fan of calling attendance pathetic or voicing frustration at the student body for not attending. Using that kind of language and shaping that sort of argument creates a right and wrong, and presupposes a moral high ground.

Going to a sports game is supposed to be fun; celebrate the fact that students did come out. Highlight their experience and work to making it better. If it’s a good experience, more people will come out the next time because of the atmosphere around the game.

Publicly shaming poor attendance or saying there is a problem doesn’t encourage anyone to want to attend. It probably turns people off from wanting to go, as it puts a cloud of negativity over what should be a fun expression of school spirit. It also takes away from highlighting the athletes’ positive performance by focusing on negativity.

Using appreciative inquiry, we should be looking at what’s gone well, and continue to do what’s gone well and build on it. Baby steps. Fandom and school spirit won’t grow over night, but slowly over years.

To me, it is a huge success if even 20 more people think going to a Bison game is something they want to do. Let’s make it something they remember and want to continue doing. Celebrate and highlight what the people that do attend enjoy and get out of it.

If this interests others, they will come: word will spread. If it doesn’t, well, sports aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. For them, enthusiasm or school spirit might mean getting engaged in student government, student groups, or other ways.

Maybe someone wants to just come, get an education, and leave. I feel that person may miss out on what was a great experience for me, but maybe it isn’t for them.

In short, we should enjoy what we have. If it is truly good, over time more people will want to be part of it. It just takes a few people at a time; there’s no need to try and guilt people into attending or shame people for not being interested in school sports. That’s just guaranteed to turn people away and create negativity around fandom and Bison sports, because we made it feel unfriendly.

It’s a sports game – it should be a fun social activity that contributes to campus culture. Don’t detract from it by singling out or criticizing shaming those who do not share an interest in sports or that brand of school spirit.

Let’s show some love for the 2,800 people that do come out, and the groups that come out to basketball, hockey, soccer, and volleyball. Let’s not make them feel unappreciated. I think it’s amazing that 2,800 came out; attendance can only increase if the experience gets better.

I love that The Big Horns get 8-10 people to other games. That’s awesome, and maybe in a few years it grows to 20 or 30.

It only took six fans to help bring out the best of a talented women’s volleyball team in Regina in 2013.

Every fan counts in large amounts!