Profile of Clear Slate candidates

Clear SlateClear Slate Candidates. Photo provided by Clear Slate.

Here are the self-submitted profiles of the UMSU General Election executive candidates for Clear Slate.

Name: Spencer Yasui
Position: President
Studies: Fourth year, psychology

Why I’m running
I’m running because I care deeply about this university, and the students who populate it. They have been telling me they’re tired of the negativity and rumours surrounding UMSU. I want to Clear the Slate with a new team of leaders to make this campus exciting again. I’m looking forward to the great things we can do together, and delivering you an unforgettable student experience, that fills you with Bison pride. Clear will deliver you fall Reading Week, the University Cup, an unforgettable Frosh Fest experience, reinvigorated services and opportunities, and more.

Relevant experience
I am co-founder and president of the University of Manitoba Criminology Association of Students, boosting membership 2,000 per cent, and hosting both local and international guest speakers. I received certification from the U of M’s Student Leadership Development Program, and was also honoured to receive the university’s Emerging Leader Award. I returned to the Student Leadership Development Program in the roles of cohort mentor and workshop facilitator. Recently, I was the youngest-ever appointed to the board of directors for the Manitoba Criminal Justice Association, and in the private sector I recently held the role of executive team leader, working with multi-million-dollar operating budgets similar to UMSU’s.

Name: Reanna Blair
Position: Vice-president external
Studies: Third year, English honours

Why I’m running
I want to be your vice-president external because I know you need a strong voice to advocate for you on important issues, such as transportation and budget cuts. I know that I have the dedication and passion to be effective in bringing your voice to the government, private sector, and other external agencies. We need bottom up, not top down, responsible decision-making and activism and I know that I can provide that. Part of my mandate concerns communication and I want to restructure communication between you and UMSU so that our dealings are always transparent and open.

Relevant experience
I have an extensive and diverse amount of volunteer experience both on campus and externally. On campus, I was the 2014-2015 women’s representative, a position that afforded me opportunities to work with various external agencies to increase the resources and campaigns available to students. In this position I sat as a voting member on UMSU Council and advocated for my constituency while developing [an] important understanding as to how UMSU operates. I have also volunteered as an orientation leader with Student Life for two years, served as the fair trade lead with Engineers Without Borders, and volunteered with St. Boniface Hospital for five years.

Name: Bénédicte LeMaître
Position: Vice-president student services
Studies: Third year, world religions

Why I’m running
I want to be your vice-president student services. My strong organizational skills will guarantee a well-run year in the area of student services. My experience as a co-ordinator for youth outreach initiatives in my community has prepared me for the leadership role of vice-president student services. My experiences on the St. Paul’s College Students’ Association as well as the Arts Student Body Council have prepared me for the political side of student government. With my expansive experience in organizing events and fundraisers, I have strong co-ordinating capabilities.

Relevant experience
I bring much experience and depth of knowledge in relation to student groups. Coming from a very multicultural family, and having been raised in the midst of many different ethnic communities, I bring to UMSU a deep love for culture. With my interest in all sorts of activities, I am delighted at the opportunity to work with all the activity-based student groups. From the knowledge of religions that I have so far amassed in my degree, and continue to discover, I will be capable of catering to the needs of different religious student groups because of my interest in learning about all the religions of the world.

Name: Jesse Greenberg
Position: Vice-president advocacy
Studies: Fourth year, commerce

Why I’m running
I am a student just like you and I have so many exciting ideas that I cannot wait to implement. Not only do I want to work with you to make them happen, but I know how to do this effectively because of my expertise and work ethic.

Relevant experience
I founded the Ultimate [Frisbee] Club on campus and have been the president for two years. I’ve been representing the University of Manitoba at a national level for the past four years with two golds and one silver. I have worked with the Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports as a programs associate and for the City of Winnipeg’s initiatives to promote healthy and active lifestyles for underprivileged youth. I am a coach for my old high school. This year I will be playing for Team Canada at the World U23 Ultimate Championships.
I have worked on campus as a Mini U camp leader. Throughout my youth I was a part of student groups such as Youth in Philanthropy [and] Aid for World Crisis Issues, [delivered] Christmas hampers, and took part in a human rights course. I’ve taken part in many events on campus, like Shinerama and the Student Leadership Development Program, and have also held several of my own events such as a charity dodgeball tournament, and a very successful social at the Hub.

Name: Zach Leclerc
Position: Vice-president internal
Studies: Fourth year, recreation management and community development

Why I’m running
I’ve been on this campus for some time now, and I have seen UMSU executives come and go. I have seen what works and what doesn’t. I am ready to run, to deliver for you. I have strong morals and I hold them incredibly close. I believe in honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability. That’s what comes to mind when I think of an organization like UMSU. That is what I bring to the table.
During my time as your vice-president internal, I will expand on the student experience opportunities at our university. I will keep and expand on the amazing services and awards UMSU has to offer. I will bring pride, spirit, and rivalry back to our university. I will work with the great managers of our UMSU businesses to optimize the results for you. And I will do this while maintaining financial accountability and transparency.

Relevant experience
I was the sports representative and co-president of the Resident Students’ Association Council for three years. Currently, I serve as senior stick of the Students’ Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation Studies (SAHPER) Council. I have sat on both the U of M student experience committee and UMSU’s policy and bylaws committee. I was bar manager for UMSU’s Frosh Fest and Frosh Music Festival, and I have major event, programming, and concert planning experience.
Based on my experiences listed above, I have developed great interpersonal skills, organizational skills, [and] business management skills.