A Cockroach for one and all

A cockroach may seem like an odd source of inspiration, given their reputation as pests. Meg Crane saw an ally in the lowly roach, and took its name for her zine, which will be launching on Nov. 30.

Cockroach zine is dedicated to both the feminist and environmentalist movements, who—according to Crane—share some surprising similarities with cockroaches.

“A lot of people have a really negative perception of both feminists and environmentalists, like they do of cockroaches. Another reason is that some say if there was a nuclear attack cockroaches would be the only living thing to survive. Cockroaches are sustainable and are survivors. Feminists and environmentalists put up with a lot of crap, but they still stick around.”

While the zine is specifically dedicated to feminists and environmentalists, Crane also values inclusivity and intersectionality, and hopes the launch party will help to remedy the alienation that some people may experience around these movements.

“For the launch event I’ve made sure to have volunteers and musicians of varying ages and sexes to show that everyone is welcome. There’s even going to be a colouring table for children so that parents are not excluded.”

The launch will also include pad-making and t-shirt-decorating workshops, a clothing swap, and a “make your own damn sandwich bar,” all of which are offered for free, with donations being accepted for Alpha House.

Crane hopes that Cockroach zine will help to build more of a zine community in Winnipeg, as well as a community around the zine.

“I would love to be able to publish an issue every month and have events two or three times a month [ . . . ] The events planned right now are a handmade gift workshop on Dec. 21, a zine-making workshop on Jan. 18, a panel discussion about whether or not porn is feminist on Feb. 15, and a t-shirt-cutting/decorating workshop on Mar. 15.”

Crane is also publishing a fresh vegan recipe on the zine’s website every Saturday, with treats like Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies, Thai Coconut Soup, and pancakes (all vegan) already posted for your enjoyment. Food served at events will also be vegan.

“Personally I think the best thing you can do for the environment is become vegan,” says Crane.

On the Cockroach site, she elaborates, citing reasons such as health, animal welfare, and reducing the footprint of farming practices as support for a vegan diet.

The rest of the zine’s content will be revealed at the launch, and Crane is already looking for contributors for the next issue, “which will be about sex.”

Above all, Crane loves the accessibility of zines, and the obvious work put into illustrations and personally relevant articles, all of which Cockroach will showcase.

“It’s an outlet for Winnipeggers who care about feminist and environmentalist images. All they have to do is create content and I’ll do the rest of the work to get it out to the world.”

The Cockroach zine launch party is being held Nov. 30 at the HIVE at the University of Winnipeg from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Check out cockroachzine.wordpress.com for your weekly recipes and more!