Locals to look out for

AUOH / Sequin / Fletcher Pratt / projectorPROJECT


Greg Hanec has been pushing the boundaries of film and music since all you Gen Y kids were in short pants. Hanec has multiple projects on the go, each more enigmatic and thought-provoking than the next. Yet another installment of the Hanec-curated Space)doxa—a long-running music series at the Graffiti Gallery—is happening this weekend, and my, do they have an evening planned for you.

Since 2002 this (mostly) monthly event has been shining a spotlight on some of this country’s best experimental music. This Saturday, June 22, the tradition of highlighting groundbreaking sound art continues with a bill that will delight everyone with a penchant for experimental soundscapes and projected image manipulations.



This is an experimental side project from Chris “Momma” Bauer, the one you usually see behind the skins in rock acts like American Flamewhip. If Facebook is to be believed this performance will feature a “somewhat more musical approach than previous AUOH encounters” accompanied by “new mutated video” he shot on a recent trip to Spain.


Scott Leroux is a man who wears many hats. Leroux has an output that makes most content creators blush with envy. He’s a zine publisher (Journey Quest and Chesterfield Magazine), a filmmaker, and last but far from least the dude is the organ-playing half of Savant Flaneur.

Fletcher Pratt

Those of you who were in attendance at the Shooting Guns show back on June 8 know of his modular synth project Solar Coffin. Well, now, if you are a newb to the work of Mr. Pratt (like me), the time has come to check out the man himself in the form he is most well known. Mixing walls of expansive noise, the work of Fletcher Pratt is sure to get even the greenest of newcomers interested in audio experimentation.


Finally we get to the man himself: Mr. Greg Hanec and projectorPROJECT – a work that juxtaposes sound and silence, 16 mm film with live and prerecorded video, sampled sound and live creations. If you have seen his films (like the film group classic Downtime), or his other musical projects (most notably his work under the moniker Philia), you will already understand the all-encompassing experience that his performances can be.