No time for a day job


The F-Holes are one Winnipeg band that you must see live. They boast a high-energy performance that practically grabs you by the shirt collar and flings you onto the dance floor. Their mix of rockabilly, blues, jazz, and country is a sound like no other in the city.

Red Hot is the newest release from the F-holes, available for purchase beginning Oct. 1. This album is comprised completely of covers, available only on vinyl, and showcases another side of the band.

“Some of [these] tunes have been in our live show for over five years now,” states Patrick Alexandre, bass player and lead vocalist for the band. “We felt the cover tunes showcased some of our sound not found on the previous two records.”

Red Hot was recorded at Very Tape Studios, which allowed for a different recording process than the bands’ previous two releases.

“It was very laid back,” said Alexandre. “The product [ . . . ] came out with a little bit more of our character, which is ironic because these aren’t our tunes. But the atmosphere made it maybe a little easier to dig in to the performances.”

The F-Holes have numerous tours on the horizon at all times—they’ve completed four this year alone—one might wonder how this band could possibly maintain day jobs.

“We don’t really have day jobs,” states Alexandre. “I’m a stay-at-home dad when I am home, but nobody wants to hire someone who can only commit to winters.  Maybe we should try to get some Zamboni work.”

Not only do the F-Holes play music suitable for a hoedown, but they look damn good doing it, with all the members of the band often wearing slick outfits at shows, and maintaining impressive facial hair.

“My brother’s band [ . . . ] has their own brand of mustache wax – ‘100% Pure Bad Country Mustache Wax.’ The wax is much better than their music.”

The F-Holes will be throwing a Red Hot release show for their new vinyl on Dec. 8 at the Royal Albert Arms (provided that the venue is open by then).